home: our universal ache and longing to belong



Home is where the heart is, our place of safety, solace and security—or at least it could and should be. Though for many, home is far from a haven. It can often be the very place they long to escape from.

Right from our earliest memories, home remains a place we are either joined together by strong ties of deep love and affection, or feel a sense of disconnection to. Because not all of us are loved well or treated right in our formative years. Not all of us desire to stay or return to where we began our days.

It is natural to develop independence and want to spread our wings when we get to a certain age, but some of us have an inner longing to flee a place where we don’t feel cherished, a home where we don’t seem to fit in or truly belong, a need for a different shelter of sorts.

That’s why God offers us all an eternal Home, a place of grace and loving kindness, a haven of perfect love and peace, an abiding sense of safety and stability and an anchor for the soul of true acceptance and rest. We have a taste of its beauty in this world and glimpses of its magnificence to come.

Meanwhile, His arms are all the safe place and shelter we seek. His love is unconditional, overwhelming and free. His mercy and grace help us to make changes in how we perceive our lives and His healing touch helps us to forgive and move forward again.

Here are 3 aspects of home in 140 characters or less….



He feels a tug to look back

calling him homeward

His eyes realise how vast

the universe can be

He aches to stay as he

breaks the cord to leave

(139 characters)


A window seat is a way

to see more clearly, get

a fresh perspective, because

home is anywhere at all

No more or less than

a place to lay his head

(140 characters)


“Are you ready for this?

He nods, gulps back tears, turns to take another look outside, where home shrinks small while he faces new horizons. (140 characters)

The thoughts, poems and prose above, were inspired by my creative friend, Kat Myrman,  and this week’s ‘Twittering Tales’ photo prompt she has provided. Just click on the link to read more. You’re warmly welcome to  join in if you’d like to.

What does the word ‘home’ conjure up for you?

Do you feel ready to take a step of faith toward the next thing God has planned for you? 

12 thoughts on “home: our universal ache and longing to belong

  1. Dear Joy, Oh, these simple words touch something so deep in me, and bring tears to my eyes. You capture the struggle that moving forward into the unknown can bring with it! And, yet, in the middle of those two struggling thoughts, comes the words of one who has never felt “at home” anywhere. Thank you for these words that open my heart to examine my own longings and struggles. Bless you today, my friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, life has a way of making us rethink our longings and priorities, doesn’t it? Home can be an emotive word for many. I longed to create a home for our sons that was very different than my own. Did I succeed? Not completely. Though it was built with a strong foundation of faith and hope for the future, what I forgot was how our past shapes us and its effects continue to cling like limpets, always threatening to knock the walls down. But by God’s grace we have been enabled to parent them better than I was, to show closeness and love in a relational Christian context. There are no perfect parents but we can strive to be ‘good enough’ as we rest in God’s abilities more than our own. Speaking of families, I hope you’re enjoying spending time with your beautiful new granddaughter! Blessings and love. xoxo

  2. “That’s why God offers us all an eternal Home, a place of grace and loving kindness, a haven of perfect love and peace, an abiding sense of safety and stability and an anchor for the soul of true acceptance and rest.” Amen, Joy! In Him we find our true home and a place where rest is always found.

    I actually went back into my post and added a few paragraphs that went along with that theme. I think it rounds it out better.

    Many blessings to you and hugs and love! xoxo

  3. Reblogged this on Pastor Michael Moore's Blog and commented:
    Home has meant many things to me over the years as an adult… nine different houses around the world during my AF career… my only caution is that while we have that home promised by God in Heaven, we must work as I often pray, to build the Kingdom of justice, mercy, love, and peace here on earth as it is in Heaven… good food for thought, Joy…

    • Michael, I totally agree with you, my friend. It is vital to keep building God’s Kingdom here on earth rather than simply keeping our focus on heaven. Otherwise we could end up denying the reality of the suffering right in front of us. The here and now is where we can positively influence others for good, reveal God’s compassion and love and fight for justice and peace. Thank you for reminding me of these things. Bless you, Brother! x

  4. Home to me is a place where I feel loved and accepted just as I am. Where I can be myself without any judgment or criticism. So that means your site is one of my homes, Joy. 🙂 But my favorite home in the true sense of the word is Jesus. There is no place I feel more at home than with Him. Sometimes I get so homesick. I long so to be with Him forever where I will no longer doubt His love and will trust in Him with all my heart! Love and hugs to you!

    • What a lovely thing to say! It’s a beautiful thought that we are a kind of home for one another online, offering a safe place where we can feel accepted just as we are. I also feel very comfortable at your site, Trudy. There’s a lovely welcoming atmosphere there. It truly is a haven for those seeking shelter and an understanding harbour for all wounded, hurting hearts. I see your readers appreciating and responding so well to the warm spot you have created there. Such interest and personal engagement is a precious grace gift to cherish.
      Though I quite agree that Jesus Himself is our Home above all homes. His love drew me like a month to a flame, and I also have days when I long to be permanently with Him. One day we will, sweet friend, and all our pain will be over. Love and hugs to you! xo

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