wintering: hibernation for body and soul maintenance


I am wintering 
soul-deep, as I face 
my shadow self

who is seen best
in cold relief,
and coax her out 
of her hiding place

as I bring her
now into the light
of mercy and grace. 

I am wintering 
with hibernation 
my companion and friend
because there is

no spring to celebrate 
yet until I have rested 
myself and yielded to hope’s

whispers, to silence and stillness,
like a stunted amaryllis. 

I am wintering 
with a sigh of familiarity 
for this is my seasonal 

need, which is essential 
for body and soul
survival, recuperation, 

pausing and thinking space, 
for continued maintenance.
© joylenton

Friend, you are forgiven for thinking I’d vanished from this little home on the internet. Because you’d be correct, even though it wasn’t planned.

Worsening health, increased pain, a family bereavement and deep-bone weariness threw me into a prolonged season of hibernation and rest. One I didn’t ask for or expect.

And I’m still there. Not quite ready to bounce back into blogging or be consistently present yet. I need healing. I need grace. I need recovery more than I need to write.

But every now and then God grants me a slither of strength, a slight lessening of stiffness and pain, a smidgen of inspiration to write something.

That’s when I might pop up to share a poem with you here. But while I’m absent? Well then, I keep you in my heart, my thoughts, and prayers.

Much love until we meet here again…. Xx 💜😉❤️

8 thoughts on “wintering: hibernation for body and soul maintenance

  1. Thank you, this gives me permission to do the same. Rest is a hard thing for some of us but a holy thing none the less. Sending up prayers for you in this season. 🙏 ❤️

    • I’m so pleased you’re giving yourself permission to rest. It really is hard sometimes as we so often struggle to relinquish and release. But it is also “a holy thing” which Sabbath indicates is best for our bodies and spirits. May you be abundantly blessed in this act of soul care, surrender, and obedience. Sending prayers for you, too, my friend. ❤️🙏🏻🕊

  2. Beautiful, my dear friend. May Jesus wrap you in His warm arms during this cold season of rest. And may His great love fill every dry place. Hugs and blessings for you across the frozen miles. Xoxo

    • What a beautiful blessing, dear Bettie! It sounds so comforting and peaceful. Thank you so much for your kindness, dear compassionate friend. May you also receive the wonderful comfort that only God can give to us in your own cold season of recovery and rest. Sending blessings, love, and hugs to you across the pond. xoxo ❤️

    • It does feel more wintry than usual, Shirley, though I’m glad we’re inching closer to spring. New life always wears a hopeful face and stirs our hearts to notice nature’s wakefulness. I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful blessing. Hope you’re keeping well, my friend. Love, grateful hugs, and peace to you. x ❤️🌷🕊

    • Thank you, dear Ana Lisa. We’re very much upheld in our grief by people’s kindness and prayers. And yes, there is change to come and there will be better times ahead. We are never left bereft. God is with us in our troubles. He comforts, sustains and provides the strength we lack, offers hope and guides us through them all. Bless you, sweet friend for reminding me of this. xo ❤️

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