My life and writing

Hi, welcome to my blog. It’s an honour to have you here. I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

I am a wife, mother, grandma to one beautiful boy, M.E and chronic illness sufferer who spends many days in PJs penning poetry and prose. I am also a work in progress by God’s grace.

Family ~ Joy

My life has been lived long in shadow-lands of sickness and struggle with emotional pain since childhood. And throughout it all I have been blessed by the power of words to heal, comfort and restore.

The greatest words influencing and impacting my life are from the Bible, though I also read widely too.

I have always scribbled out my heart in poetry and prose because emotions flow freely that way and can touch the lives of others to bless and encourage them too.

You can always find the poetic in the prosaic; daily life is full of grace glimmers to speak to our souls. I love to make memory markers of them via my Instagram images.

My poetic work has been featured in various anthologies over the years, (please see my author page for details) and my poetry collection, ‘Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places’ is now available on Amazon. UK readers can access the book from this blog’s sidebar.

I also blog at Words of Joy, am currently a regular contributor to the Beloved Prodigal blog and an occasional contributor to the Godspace blog and the ACW blog, ‘More than Writers’ blog. My words have also been shared at ‘Under the Cover of Prayer‘ and in the Outside the City Gate Sunday Scripture Community on Facebook.

My aim is to share aspects of  life and faith in Christ and offer hope and encouragement along the way. I really welcome and look forward to your feedback here.

Thank you for visiting! God bless, love Joy  🙂

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