write 31 days series

the daily haiku

introducing the daily haiku

day one: morning: wake up and smell the coffee

day two: freedom: bright butterfly of freedom hovers close

day three: available: being wholly and holy available

day four: germs: nature’s beauty swept into doorways

day five : luminous: seeing light in our darkened times

day six: why it pays to listen carefully

day seven: seeking a quiet space in which to breathe

day eight: we require ripening time

day nine: despite the odds faith lasts

day ten: our dark universe is a velvet eternity school for love

day eleven: when we want thoughts to flow like water

day twelve: humbling: on striving, falling and humbling

day thirteen: splash: your creativity is waiting to be released

day fourteen: transcendence: getting to know God for ourselves

day fifteen: tweed: being immersed in memory

day sixteen: rooted: building a strong foundation with God

day seventeen: aspects: seeing God’s hand at work best in community

day eighteen: candle: love burns in our hearts with faith and hope

day nineteen: our aching heart void that only God can fill

day twenty: duality: how life’s duality draws our hearts toward God

day twenty-one: shadow: hope for when your past clings on today

day twenty-two: superfluous: clearing out soul clutter

day twenty-three: moon: developing daily gratitude toward created things

day twenty-four: let: when wishes become a way of life

day twenty-five: equilibrium: where our best soul peace comes from

day twenty-six: grace: a drenching in holy rain

day twenty-seven: endurance: a gift that develops in us as we persevere

day twenty-eight: Sabbath: a space to rest, breathe and be still

day twenty-nine: summer’s ghost lingers

day thirty: denudement: paring back to necessities

day thirty-one: story: owning the story of our lives

bonus: nugget: news about a poetic feast for november #thedailyhaiku bonus