we require ripening time #thedailyhaiku 8


It doesn’t take long in the walk of faith before we realise that lasting change isn’t usually swift to come to us and neither is the sanctification process. Rather, we spend our time alternating between resting and resisting, going solo and surrendering to God.

However, we needn’t become discouraged as we journey on with the Lord, because every pausing place is opportunity to receive God’s grace. Each step of faith we take gets us closer in our experience of intimacy with God. Even the faltering ones whereby we stumble and fall can become ways in which our Father gently guides us deeper into His will for us.

I’m slowly learning the benefits of resting in Jesus our Saviour and eternal Vine, allowing His energy to fuel my days andย His strength to sustain me in everything. Though it comes at the cost of laying down our self-sufficiency and pride, we never lose out in yielding to the Lord, albeit little by little.

just like a flower

just like a flower

we require ripening time

growing on the vine


10 thoughts on “we require ripening time #thedailyhaiku 8

  1. Dear Joy,
    What a beautiful thought to dwell on for this sunny Autumn day. The fruits of this past season are ripening around me, even as the seeds of the next are forming. Just as you said, we needn’t grow impatient in this process. I do tend to berate myself when I see how faltering my steps of progress are, but Jesus is looking at the whole ripening process! Thank you for these Sunday thoughts! Love & Hugs! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, when I wrote and scheduled this post, I had no idea how timely its message would be for me too! I share your tendency to berate myself for my seemingly slow growth toward maturity, especially when I consider the length of time I’ve been a Christian. But we can forget that God looks at us differently, in the light of eternity, in fact. He knows how very frail and all too human we are. We’re no surprise to Him! And I think it’s actually quite hard to discern our own “progress” over the years. It usually needs a fresh pair of eyes to see and sense it. Maybe that’s a device God uses to stop us from getting too pride-full! Love and hugs to you, sweet friend! xoxo ๐Ÿ’œ

    • It does make us pause for thought when we contemplate our changing state, ripening slowly over time, becoming more fully who God intended and created us to be. Bless you for sharing this little reflection, Michael! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ

  2. The perfect month to ponder ripening, Joy. So fitting. And heartening. Thank you, friend. Prayers for your health continue. It’s lovely to watch you spill these little gems, faceted via grateful endurance, our way.

    • Laurie, we’re in a season where flowers lose their easy summer abundance, harvest is long gone, trees let fall their dying leaves and verdant growth gives way for winter to come. Thankfully, soul ripening continues apace, even if it’s largely hidden from our eyes! I truly value your gentle presence here and your faithful prayers. My health remains fragile and I am totally dependent on God’s grace to complete this series. I hope and pray you and Dreamer are doing well. xo ๐Ÿ’œ

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