Sabbath: space to rest, breathe and be still #thedailyhaiku 28


Today, I invite you to come aside from busyness for a while, slump easy on the settee, crash out in a chair (or grab a log) and join me in finding a few moments of rest for our restless souls. We don’t have to wait for a special day to have a Sabbath mindset and heart. Because God is always available to us.

Being holy isn’t about trying hard to achieve a state of perfection or keeping to a set of rules. It’s a way of life and a relationship of knowing Holy Love. Recognising we are set apart for God’s glory, while we live in a fallen world. It means having a surrendered soul and a disposition of faith and trust, knowing God abides within by His Spirit and is willing to work in and though us, despite our weakness and brokenness.

We come aside to spend time in God’s presence because we can. It’s a Holy privilege given to us. God longs for us to meet with Him. We don’t have to wait for Sabbath to arrive or a gilt-edged invitation to come in the post, because Jesus is the ever-open Door into the Father’s presence. 

And when we do see ourselves as God’s Beloved ones, realise just how much our Father desires to be with us, then we approach Him with due reverence and awe, coupled with a grateful, childlike heart that eagerly runs to the throne and delights to be in her Abba’s arms again.

keeping Sabbath

time to be holy

set apart for God’s glory

space to breathe and Be


Let’s listen to the hope filled words of the song below, still our souls, breathe freely, simply Be and rest in knowing we are loved Just As We Are and blessed beyond measure by God…



11 thoughts on “Sabbath: space to rest, breathe and be still #thedailyhaiku 28

  1. Dear Joy,
    Oh, I think this may possibly be my favorite posting of yours from this series! This one is definitely going to be included in my poetry journal. Especially as I combine it with this thought that you shared: “It’s a Holy privilege given to us. God longs for us to meet with Him.” Oh, to see these Sabbath, still days that He has given us, as a privilege to meet with Him here. Thank you for the beauty of these words, my friend! Blessings, Love & Hugs to you this weekend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I try not to play favourites, but I do warm to the gentle invitation in these words. My words so often come back to bite me, or tug at my thoughts, at least. I am so happy to hear you are including snippets in your journal! And thankful God has given me something that blesses you. May the remainder of your weekend be yielded to soul rest of every kind. Breathing beside you, my friend! Blessings, love and hugs gratefully returned to you. xoxo

    • Oh good, that’s the idea! I hope and pray your days are more restful than they were and that you can exhale anxiety and breathe in grace. Thank you for being here, Laurie. I so appreciate your sweet presence. Sending love, hugs and prayers across the pond! Hope to catch up with your posts soon, health and strength permitting. xo 😊💜

    • Yes, indeed. God instituted the Sabbath for us because He knows we need it, but He also led by example in setting aside a day for rest, even though His was more a sign of resting wholeness and completion rather than exhaustion. Thank you, Tara. I always appreciate your observations! xo 💜

    • It sounds timely for you, June! I’m so pleased this post spoke to you, dear friend. Thank you for reading along. I’m still failing to catch up with other blogs, sorry to say. xo 💗

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