nugget: news about a poetic feast for November #thedailyhaiku bonus


As we embark on the month of November, I am reflecting on how writing each day during October has revealed a few things to me, and  sharing about a poetic bonus for you to enjoy in the days ahead.

Here’s a (non-haiku) description of what I have learnt during the #write31days writing challenge:

A writer reflects

Pondering is my natural state

I’m so thankful for God’s grace

I tend to write deep, not light

I try to be hopeful, bright

Short posts are definitely best

A tired writer needs her rest

It’s a wonder to be sustained each day

God always gives us His help and strength

Interest in our words may wax and wane

We can rely on God to be the same

Faithfulness means dependence

God faithfully provides the means

Persistence is necessary and fine

I love to write, especially in rhyme

Haiku are a joy and delight for me

I would love to carry on, okay?


God has very generously given me more haiku than I could fit into this series, and I have had a lot of creative fun gathering them together as a bonus for my readers. I’m calling each one a  ‘November Nugget’ – a little soul food snack to warm your heart and see you through the colder days ahead.

They will usually consist of just a helping of haiku, plus a photograph, and will be mini reflections on life, faith, gratitude and grace. Because I need to rest my words here for a while, you will find these poetic nuggets on my Poetry Joy Facebook page. I also hope to share them on my ‘The Daily Haiku’ board on Pinterest and on Instagram.

It would be lovely to have you join me in those places. When you drop by you can gulp one down like an espresso shot for the soul and be on your way in no time, or you can stay and savour a long latte’s worth, and maybe share them as well.

Each November Nugget is already pre-prepared (thankfully!)  and I aim to share one daily. They will be served with love, and be light and easy to digest. You can find the first one here and follow best by liking my page. Thank you! See you over there, friend… 🙂 ❤

6 thoughts on “nugget: news about a poetic feast for November #thedailyhaiku bonus

  1. Wonderful Joy! I am looking forward to reading your nuggets during November. Although I am glad that you have them prepared already, and can settle into a bit of rest now! Much Love and Hugs to you, friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, your enthusiastic support is amazing, considering how you have already followed my daily haiku series here. At least the November Nuggets will be a lot shorter to read, as I rein in my tendency towards verbosity! 😏 So blessed by your faithful interest in my work and your caring thoughts about my health. Rest is definitely top of my agenda! Much love and hugs to you, sweet friend! xoxo 💜

    • Thank you, June! Your prayers are needful and greatly appreciated. Bless you, dear friend. I’m aiming to rest up as much as possible, especially as the lead up to Christmas tends to exhaust me more than usual. But I couldn’t resist sharing my pre-prepared daily haiku nuggets this month! hope you can catch a few on Facebook and Instagram. xo ❤

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