gems: nature’s beauty swept into doorways #thedailyhaiku 4


Autumnal drifts begin to collect, most of them made wetly dark and drab, mushy and sad where I live. But those that come from areas where maple trees and other startling, vivid-leaved beauties grow, when lit by sun’s rays, glow jewel-bright, entrancing the eye.

Vivid autumn leaves are  a glorious reminder of the lavishness of God’s grace, that He would expend such beauty on things that quickly rot and decay and are swept into doorways or gathered as garden mulch or rubbish.

Let’s aim to enjoy the splendour in each season, especially this one of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”, to quote from the poet John Keats’ lyrical Ode to Autumn. And here’s my tiny haiku offering for today as I ponder these scattered gems.

scattered gems

leaves have collected

like scattered gems, jewel-bright

swept into doorways


14 thoughts on “gems: nature’s beauty swept into doorways #thedailyhaiku 4

  1. Dear Joy,
    These words brought tears to my eyes today. How lovely to look for God’s bright gems around me, even in the dreariness of my days. He does know how to send beauty to us doesn’t He? Thank you for sharing such a small offering, and yet so large in God’s Fullness! Hugs & Love!! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, I hope and pray they were healing tears. We do need to have our eyes continually opened to the glory that surrounds us, don’t we? How easily we can dwell most of all on the very real hardships of life we are going through and miss the heavenly gems in front of us, hidden in plain sight as such! :/ Wonder surrounds us but we so often prefer to return to dust in our thoughts. I’ve been guilty of that recently as issues from the past have reared their ugly head again. Praise God for giving me these words a while back and reminding me now, in the sharing of them here, of His mercy and grace existing everywhere. Hugs and love to you! xoxo

  2. The glory as the leaves die has always been a source of pondering for me. We, humans, tend to avoid thoughts of death and dying. But there are lessons there for us to learn that will bring us closer to our Savior. Beautiful offering today, my friend!

    • June, I expect that the dying leaves that fall where you live are as magnificent as these. Over the last few months issues of frailty, ageing, death and dying have somehow been on my mind. I’ve written a few poems and thoughts about the topic, and may well make it into a series one day. Do you think there might be a market for it? These are subjects we tend to want to sweep under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist. xo ❤

      • Hmm, that’s a good question. I think it might be best received if paired with another series, say, on joy, light, and life, or similar topics . . . you get the idea. These are topics that people don’t wish to embrace, yet are drawn to, so I definitely think there is a market for your poetic expression 🙂

      • Thanks, June, your insightful input is greatly appreciated! I will wait, collate and pray and see where it leads me in the months ahead. Bless you for taking the time to reply to my queries. xo 😊💜

    • Michael, I am glad you are seeing glorious leaves among the snow-laden paths! It surprised me when I saw your recent photos and realised you were already deep in it. We’re lucky if we get a small flurry before Christmas! Bless you for sharing this, dear friend. 😊

      • It sounds wonderful to be in that rarified atmosphere, hiking so high and seeing life from a fresh perspective! My days of mountain hiking were few and only when I was young and able to walk easily before M.E and chronic illness got the better of me. Enjoy! 😊💜

      • Absolutely, you both needed that respite and time of relaxation after such a tough season all round. May you and your wife enjoy more pockets of time to recoup your inner resilience, strength and energy in the weeks ahead. Beauty is healing to the soul, especially when it’s tied in with deep appreciation for God’s created gifts. Your calling is a privileged, blessed, demanding, tough and onerous one at times. God bless you, Brother. 💜

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