gems: nature’s beauty swept into doorways #thedailyhaiku 4


Autumnal drifts begin to collect, most of them made wetly dark and drab, mushy and sad where I live. But those that come from areas where maple trees and other startling, vivid-leaved beauties grow, when lit by sun’s rays, glow jewel-bright, entrancing the eye.

Vivid autumn leaves are  a glorious reminder of the lavishness of God’s grace, that He would expend such beauty on things that quickly rot and decay and are swept into doorways or gathered as garden mulch or rubbish.

Let’s aim to enjoy the splendour in each season, especially this one of “mists and mellow fruitfulness”, to quote from the poet John Keats’ lyrical Ode to Autumn. And here’s my tiny haiku offering for today as I ponder these scattered gems.

scattered gems

leaves have collected

like scattered gems, jewel-bright

swept into doorways