why it pays to listen carefully #thedailyhaiku 6


In any given day we are subject to a whole host of voices and the challenge remains: just who or what are we listening to? What is having the biggest influence on our way of thinking? Whose words are we paying attention to?

It pays to listen with discernment, due care and attention. Because what we listen to and take in ends up feeding our soul for good or ill. Maybe it’s our own sharp stabs of negativity that are shaping us, or is it the vital life and health-giving thoughts that we find in God’s Word?

Life is full of voices but the one we need to listen to most is the Voice of God as spoken in His written word and made manifest in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. Our listening choices have eternal consequences for us.

I’ve struggled with my own inner critical voice and negative thoughts for years. It’s a constant battle to ignore them, requiring inner vigilance and prayer, and to replace the flawed and faulty thinking with what God’s word says about me. Perseverance and wisdom is needed to help us discern our own jaundiced thinking and the enemy’s taunts from God’s voice speaking to us.

listen carefully

life’s full of voices

choices have consequences

listen carefully


9 thoughts on “why it pays to listen carefully #thedailyhaiku 6

  1. Dear Joy,
    Yes, this is so true! We have a choice as to “who” we listen to, just as much as our choices to act. I found myself in this very place today–choosing to listen to God’s voice of patient endurance, or listening to my own fleshly impatience and anger! How good of the Lord to help us choose HIS voice. Thank you for your sweet words that help to confirm that choice! Love and Hugs to you my friend!

    • Dear Bettie, I’m happy to hear how your choosing led you to make the wisest and best choice possible. Listening to our own inner angst only serves to bolster our feelings of hurt and sense of entitlement, whereby we feel wounded and want instant relief. The problem being that we often choose to satisfy ourselves by indulging our feelings or wrongful appetites, getting cross and maybe lashing out at others. Then they get caught in the cross-fire and we feel ten times worse! I love how you describe God’s goodness in drawing us to Himself. It really is a Holy luring we finally find irresistible. Looks like He also made sure I was on topic for you again today! Sending you hugs and love, sweet friend. xo ๐Ÿ’œ

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