grace: a drenching in holy rain #thedailyhaiku 26


God is lavish with His Love, magnanimous with His Mercy, perfect with His Peace, jubilant with His Joy, free with His Forgiveness and wildly generous with His Grace.

We don’t have to beg for it. We don’t have to worry that it will run short. God’s grace is freely available to all of us, all of the time. How good is that?!

We can easily become saturated by grace, like a drenching in Holy rain. This is no mere trickle or a small shower. This is more like a flood, a pounding waterfall that roars with power.

What does it do? Here’s a brief description:

  • God’s grace takes, breaks and remakes us.
  • We are washed clean from our sin.
  • We are changed from the inside out.
  • Grace sustains and strengthens, knits together and mends.
  • All that is weak and wounded, flawed and faulty, broken and bent in us is gradually rewired, renewed, restored and refreshed.

Why do I call God’s grace wild? Because it’s so indiscriminately and generously given, untameable , out of our control. We don’t have to pass a test or do anything else to be deemed worthy of being washed in God’s grace. All qualify. Period. For all time.

In a very real sense, you could say that God’s grace is wasted on us because that’s exactly what it is. Not one of us has done anything to deserve grace. It is literally God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense, bought and paid for at the Cross, poured out freely on us.

wild grace

there’s a wildness here
a drenching in holy rain
we are rewired, changed

6 thoughts on “grace: a drenching in holy rain #thedailyhaiku 26

  1. Dear Joy,
    I love these thoughts on God’s wild grace! I can so easily take it for granted–and yet HE is so wild with it, in the way that He gives it so freely! Again, I want to have my eyes opened more to be aware of His Grace flowing in and around me. There is such beauty in that kind of radical giving, isn’t there? Thank you for encouraging and beautiful words again! Hugs and Love to you!

    • Dear Bettie, your insightful words here: “There is such beauty in that kind of radical giving” made me think of the marriage relationship: of Jesus in how He interacts toward us as His Bride, and in how we are meant to follow His surrendered example of lavish, wild grace filled love toward one another. It is only possible at all because God first loved us. I can attest to marvelling at God’s grace manifesting in and through you, even if you might fail to see it for yourself. It is indeed a thing of beauty. Hugs and love to you! xo 😊💜

    • I’m glad the thought of God’s wild grace appeals to you, Michael! I read a book a few years back and it included that concept in the title. It has stuck with me ever since and proven to be true in my own experience. Bless you, Brother! 💜

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