tweed: being immersed in memory #thedailyhaiku 15


I was immersed in Tweed. Not as a visitor to Berwick-upon-Tweed in Northumberland, or with my skin spritzed with the same named fragrance that was my mother’s signature scent. Rather, I wore a tweed sea-green coat as a child, little knowing how years would turn full circle and render it fashionable again.

I loved it because it fit better than most of my clothes, usually bought with acres of growing room! This enveloped me well, not too short or long. It swirled as I turned to admire myself, enjoying the soft swish it made.

I was usually garbed in an eclectic mix of styles and fabric, depending on what was for sale or going cheap. Most of my clothing was made of synthetic fabric that literally rubbed me up the wrong way.

Consequently, I preferred to wear natural fibres when I was in a position to choose for myself. Though I certainly loved the textured wool feel of my old green coat, which wouldn’t look out-of-place these days.

turned full circle

do clothes maketh man?

tweed is fabric, fragrance, place

history for me


our past weaves itself

with ties that bind and cling tight

touching our today

wearing a tweed coat

I felt good, strangely grown-up

turned full circle now


Tweed is a fabric I still savour. We’ve chosen it for our new sofa and chair, loving the unique individuality of Harris Tweed, where the fabric can alter with each batch, as each weaver threads through their signature colour blending touch.

Do you have any distinct memories of clothes you wore as a child? 

Or maybe a favourite fabric? I also love the look and feel of velvet.

8 thoughts on “tweed: being immersed in memory #thedailyhaiku 15

  1. Dear Joy,
    These are such fascinating thoughts to me, again being a sew-er and coming from a long line of sew-ers, fabric holds so many memories for me. But just as the Lord has used the garden for the parable of our lives, we’ve also come to use fabric and it’s many terms to symbolize our life also: the weavings of the years, the warp & weft of our days, the fabric of our lives. I love the pictures that get stirred up when we think of the tactile impressions that stay in our memories! Thank you for these heart-stirring thoughts today my friend!

    • Dear Bettie, how lovely to think that this post appealed to you because of your own ability with needle and thread. I can just imagine you sewing a fine seam, bringing the same care, attention to detail and love to the task at hand as you do to painting pictures with words. My mother could sew pretty well but I am not so skilled, I’m afraid. Sewing on buttons and mending is more my thing when it comes to fabric! And yes, there are definitely spiritual analogies to be had when we consider “the warp & weft of our days, the fabric of our lives”, especially with the benefit of years and hindsight. Thank you for sharing your experience here. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments! xox 😊💜

    • I’ll have to see if I can hunt one up, Tara! Though our parents took very few of us. It wasn’t a period of time where childhood was excessively chronicled. I love green too, especially a teal shade, which is partly green and blue, I guess. 😊💚

  2. I was hoping for a picture, too, Joy! 🙂 What a fun post. Looking back on my school pictures, I shudder when I see what my mother dressed me in! (think plaids and checks and red/white/blue!) What I do remember is the maroon taffeta I used to make my 8th-grade graduation dress. Taffeta has got to be one of THE most difficult fabrics to work with! And a very pink and very “poodle” puffy prom dress that I wouldn’t want to be buried in today, lol. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new furniture! Blessings on you week, my friend!

    • June, I bet you looked delightful and really cute! Frock horrors are something we can all relate to. I’m seriously impressed you made your own dress out of taffeta! Well done, you! Do you have a photograph of you wearing it? And do you still make your own clothes?
      I don’t know about you but I am finding writing every day quite tiring. It’s not always possible for me to visit other people’s blogs as well. I am trying to stay a few posts ahead if I can. How are you coping with the #write31days series? Sorry for all the questions! Blessings on your week too. May inspiration flow freely and energy be readily available. xo 😊 💜

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