rooted: building a strong foundation with God #thedaikyhaiku 16


What we are rooted in has a hold on us, especially if our roots go deep. It pays to choose good soil to become our heart’s home. And to take care of it. Or we might be led astray by garden envy, thinking things look greener over the other side of the fence.

Though our neighbour’s seemingly lush vegetation could be concealing a venomous snake, deadly insects or poisonous plants for all we know. Thankfully, God only calls us to tend to our own plot, plough the furrow before us and stay true to His desires for our life.

Recently, on reading Matthew 13:1-9, I was made aware that if my roots don’t go deep in Christ then I am subject to being scorched and withered from the heat and fire of adversity in life.

Without a healthy and sufficient root system in our lives, we can wither and perish. We may bloom freely and easily for a while but our budding faith is not sustainable when challenges come, or enough to keep us strong and flourishing for more than one short season at the most.

“Other seeds fell on rocky ground where they did not have much soil. They sprang up quickly because the soil was not deep. But when the sun came up, they were scorched, and because they did not have sufficient root, they withered.” – Matthew 13:5-6

To live the life Jesus promises us will require tending well to the garden of our hearts. It might look something like this:

  • discover where weeds appear to be strangling emerging plants and uproot them straight away
  • sow seeds that will produce the right kind of fruit and harvest we want to grow there
  • water and feed it with the best nutrients we can access, namely God’s Word, our hope and faith and His love, mercy and grace.


faith, hope, charity

a life can be built on these

rooted strong as trees


6 thoughts on “rooted: building a strong foundation with God #thedaikyhaiku 16

    • Thank you, Michael. Our Head Gardener seems to have sown thoughts in me to harvest and share at just the right time! I am grateful for His inspiration and guidance, especially when it blesses others. 😊💜

  1. I agree with Pastor Michael! This is such a timely post for our world today, and for my own life too! We have a solid rock who cannot be shaken, and is so trustworthy! Thank you for your beautiful words today, my friend! Love & Hugs! xoxo

    • Amen to these words: “We have a solid rock who cannot be shaken, and is so trustworthy!” I can’t seem to get off the topic, because I found myself thinking along similar lines when writing a draft post for a few days ahead. I’m so pleased you were helped and blessed here, my friend! Love and hugs! xoxo 😊💖

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