our aching heart void that only God can fill #thedailyhaiku 19


Hearts are such fragile things, easily hurt and wounded, broken and crushed. Our brokenness means we all have an aching heart, whether we sense it or not. Life’s flotsam and jetsam twists us up inside and we crave an elusive peace.

Nothing we try to do can quite assuage the void within that fills with unshed tears and pain. I wrote something about this in my poetic memoir, especially in the poem below. It’s not a haiku but it addresses this topic well…


In every pew

sits a broken heart

In every church

we’re falling apart

We’re the haunted

by memories and shame

We’re the wounded

by sickness and pain

In need of

God’s mercy and grace

In hope of

change taking place

We reach out

with yearning tears

We sing out

broken hallelujahs


There is an answer to our weariness, weakness and pain, our guilt and shame, our wounded state. His Name is Jesus and He is the Son of God, broken for us on the Cross so that we might experience true rest, freedom, peace and joy through knowing Him.


I pray that every thirsting soul and every aching heart will find their heart’s true Home in relationship with you. May you assuage the pain that comes from living in a fallen world, bring us peace beyond all earthly understanding and a joy which surpasses our wildest expectations.

Saturate our hearts with your Love, your goodness and grace, your immeasurable, awe-inspiring Holy presence. And grant us deep soul rest as we learn to trust in you above our own desires and anxious thoughts.

Heal our brokenness and give us Hope to start again, no matter where we are situated or what life has thrown at us. May we receive your mercy and forgiveness, let go of guilt, shame and disgrace and be able to lift our heads high, knowing we are your own Beloved ones.


aching heart

our hearts are aching
there’s an emptiness inside
Jesus alone fills

**PS: you can access my book, ‘Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places’, in the sidebar here or on Amazon**  🙂

8 thoughts on “our aching heart void that only God can fill #thedailyhaiku 19

  1. Amen dear friend! “Broken” is one of the poems from your book that I have highlighted, as it rings so true with my own heart. Somehow, in our brokenness, HE joins us together as we look to HIM for the healing and the filling. Thank you for the ways that you have pointed me back to His Grace, even here in this life with chronic illness. Blessings, Love, and Hugs to you! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, once more your thoughts have added depth and insight to my own. I’m grateful for your words here: “Somehow, in our brokenness, HE joins us together as we look to HIM for the healing and the filling.” Amen! We have to see our broken state and look to God for all the piecing back together healing we need. I am touched and honoured by my words being a means of grace to you, just as yours so often are for me. Praise God for inspiring us to be able to bless and encourage one another on this faith and chronic illness journey! Blessings, love and hugs to you. xoxo 💜

    • What a gift it is to be able to turn to God in our weakness and distress and be met by pure Love and Grace! Thank you so much for joining me in prayer, Gayl, and for your kind encouragement here. I really value your gentle, supportive presence, dear friend. Blessings and love to you! xoxo 💜

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