duality: how life’s duality draws our hearts toward God #thedailyhaiku 20


As I sit typing this post in advance, the sky is heavily blanketed by a golden smog of dust from the Sahara, driven by stormy winds. It shouldn’t be dark quite yet, because dusk and sunset are still a way ahead, but we’re needing to put lights on in order to see clearly. The eventual sunset (pictured above) was pretty stunning though.  🙂

So attuned do we become to the rhythmic, diurnal changes that exist, especially as one season segues into another, that our bodies and minds expect light and dark to keep to their respective places in the world around us.

God has ordained it as such that light will always overcome the darkness. It has to yield and give way. Likewise, sorrow surrenders to joy, and healing and recovery follow injury and pain. There is a duality, where seeming opposites appear to coexist, as I describe in the poem below…


how can there be joy

at the heart of sorrow

and sadness coexist

where there is bliss?

yet somehow

they are mixed

and inextricably

linked as one

expression of life

and love and faith

and deep mystery

part of all our tomorrows

in all the annals

of human history



Our steadiness, in the midst of this coexistence mystery, is to place our hope and faith in Christ the solid Rock. Jesus is the ballast we need in a world where shifting sands literally invade our days, and where we can witness worldwide grief and pain on a daily basis.

Life’s duality and uncertainty are intended to encourage us to seek after God, to look for His Light, pursue the Peace only He can provide and anticipate the Joy beyond our dark and painful circumstances.


life’s duality

life is a strange thing

sorrow cuts us sharp as knives

joy makes our soul sing


such duality

exists to make us reach out

and accept God’s grace


while the heat builds up

emotions rage inside us

requiring God’s touch


a holy healing

begins to flood our hard hearts

bathed in peace and love


2 thoughts on “duality: how life’s duality draws our hearts toward God #thedailyhaiku 20

  1. Joy,
    These words bring tears to my eyes tonight. They fit so perfectly with what I have been feeling on this day! I know that the Lord so often moves us on parallel paths, but I am so surprised as I just wrote this evening, that my heart is hungry to see the new beauty that is here in this hard and bleak season. How sweet of the Lord to have your words waiting here. “Life’s duality and uncertainty are intended to encourage us to seek after God, to look for His Light” Amen. Love and Hugs and Blessings to you!

    • Bettie, it’s lovely to hear this post was timely for you. God certainly knows who He intends to touch with our words! That hunger for beauty never really leaves us, does it? Though the sheer weariness of life can sap even the desire to seek it. We become inward looking when things get challenging. I am moved by the hunger in your soul, dear friend. Your words here have reminded me to pause, come up for air, and focus my eyes and thoughts more on the good things God is doing in our midst than on the negative feelings engendered by exhaustion and chronic illness. Thank you! Love and hugs to you! xox 😊💜

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