morning: wake up and smell the coffee #thedailyhaiku 1


It’s no secret that I’m not a morning person. In fact, I am barely awake and alert by lunchtime. Part of the process of coming to and gaining mental clarity is aided by the consumption of coffee after my breakfast and morning cup of tea. I know it may not  be the healthiest of drinks but it does the trick for me.

There’s something about the smell of coffee alone that lifts my mood. I love to imbibe the freshly brewed, ground coffee variety. Instant doesn’t quite cut it, even a high quality one with a mix of ground added to it, unless I’m feeling too exhausted to wait until the coffee pot is clean and able to be used again.

I can’t always handle conversation either in the mornings, though on my better days my man and I gently converse on diverse topics like politics, the state of the world and theology – nothing too heavy, of course. He reads interesting snippets out to me from the daily newspaper, while I make a feeble attempt to read something else myself.

However, distraction only serves to lead to disrupted and broken concentration, especially in someone like me who is chronically ill with M.E, can barely think straight, never mind focus, read and listen to someone speaking all at the same time…phew!

Our first brewed, small shot of haiku offering is about that coffee experience. So whatever blend you like best, (be it tea or coffee), then put your feet up, inhale these words and imagine yourself having a cup of whatever you fancy. Aaahhh…..  🙂


Wake, smell the coffee

Inhale fresh breath of new day

Clear cobwebs away


15 thoughts on “morning: wake up and smell the coffee #thedailyhaiku 1

  1. Dear Joy,
    Yes, I agree with you completely! Those whiffs of freshly brewed coffee certainly begin to chase away the cobwebs. I love your first Haiku for this month! Although I give you cheers for listening to your husband chattering in the morning–I am so much NOT a morning person, that I need some quality quiet time by myself before I am able to listen to the latest news bits! Ha. I do try hard to be kinder in the morning, and Jesus and I have always been working to improve that! Hope you are having a beautiful first day of October my friend! Love and Hugs! xo

    • Dear Bettie, it’s good to know you’re also a coffee lover! 🙂 I have to confess that I listen with one eye on my reading matter—often a newspaper from days ago that I’m still trying to catch up with—and one ear listening out for my husband’s conversation, while I attempt to mutter a semblance of a sensible reply. If he is in earnest about reading a piece out to me, then I have to pause my own reading in order to listen and respond properly! On a bad M.E day I have to ask for silence for a while. Thankfully, he’s usually happy to comply! My quality quiet/resting time follows after coffee has been consumed. It’s been a lovely, relaxing day with friends from church helping to fix our PC back into place and time spent Skyping with the family. Hope your day has been blessed and restful. Love and hugs! xo ❤

    • Me, too! Tea is my favourite tipple and I drink far more of it than do coffee. I love Earl Grey, Chamomile, Green tea, berry fruits (and Yorkshire tea occasionally) but not mixed together, of course! What’s your favourite blend, Tara? 😊💜

    • I raise my mug to you, Nancie, because it holds more than a cup and I always like a large amount. It’s good to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures like a cup/mug of a freshly brewed drink we love. Cheers! ☕😊💜

    • All day long? How do you manage it, Lynette? I’m not able to do that because of getting unwanted side effects. That’s why mine is usually limited to mornings only and topped up with extra hot water after drinking half a mug full. Otherwise I get headaches, dizziness and palpitations. I should probably stop drinking it all together but it’s one of life’s little pleasures for me! 😊💜

  2. Yet another non morning person here, being forced to live in an early morning world.

    I set up my electric perc pot the night before so all I need do in the morning is plug it in and wait for the black elixer to be ready. I usually read emails (like yours, since they’re light hearted and easy for a sleepy mind to grasp), toss the stuffed mouse for my cat, and watch the squirrels running through the tree tops while sipping, or gulping, my coffee.

    It’s a nice way to ease into another day.

    I think this is my favorite haiku of yours, Joy. Thank you!

    • Hi, it’s good to meet a fellow coffee lover and non-morning person! Your routine sounds soothing to ease you into the day. I’m glad my poetry isn’t too taxing on a befuddled, early morning brain. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series. Happy reading! 😊

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