Ushering in a new dawn


Our hearts long for the new, welcome a fresh start.

Each day is opportunity to begin again.

Each moment is ripe for grace to invade.

And how much more do we yearn for change when a world is weeping?

When lives are lost and dreams are smashed.

In the aftermath of world tragedy and trauma we feel stunned.

We pray for broken lives as we slowly pick up the pieces of our own.

Wanting nothing more than the security which love offers us with its acceptance and trust.

Because who can we trust when a world spins crazy?

How do we see beyond the casualties and calamity, the senseless crashing and crushing of humanity?

How can hope be birthed again from pain?

It’s a hard question to answer and I have no pat answers to offer here.

But I can point to the Lord of Life who is here in the mire and the mess, sitting in dust and ashes with us.

And I can attest to God’s healing and restoration power and the overarching comfort of His love.

Broken hearts, dreams and lives can be made new as we embrace the hope He offers us for this life and beyond.

Jesus is ushering in a new dawn for all mankind, beginning with one transformed life at a time.


Lord and giver of Life,

As I welcome the dawn

I open myself up

to the pulse of Your Light

and the rush of Your love

moving through me

I meet and greet new

possibilities, potential

and promises to be

fulfilled as I wait


I embrace hope,

fresh start, awakenings

and renewed dreams

I relinquish and discard

yesterday’s brokenness,

pain and distress

Today is opportunity

to begin again

Today is another

unfolding, unfurling

of the barely begun



dawn PJ poem