change: when life is far from the cat’s whiskers



How do you view the prospect of change? It can seem exciting for many as they look forward with eager anticipation to the next new experience and all it will bring to them. And for others? It can fill them with dismay and become something to be feared, because change has potential to be such an unwelcome intrusion into our lives.

The longer we stay in one place, maintain a fixed mindset or refuse to move with the times, the harder accepting and adapting to change can become. And it’s often those whose circumstances keep them glued to a place,  stuck fast in their ways, who need (or are forced to endure) a regular routine, who can become wary and weary of doing things differently.

Though unlike cats, who are thought to be gifted with nine lives, we only have one wild and precious life, as Mary Oliver so famously said, and need wisdom in how to live it well. Being overly cautious doesn’t seem the best approach to take if it means we’re living in a limited, less than trusting way.

In my poetic responses to my inventive, creative friend, Kat Myrman’s  ‘Twittering Tales’ photo prompt this week, I couldn’t help but focus on the potential challenges facing this imaginary woman with a cat on her lap. I’ve lived long enough to lose quite a few friends and family members, sat with death and disease frequently as a nurse, and come face to face with my own limitations on a daily basis.



Tired, sweetly supine in her

arms, this dear feline friend

remains more faithful than

the rest, whom time and age

gradually removed, dispersed

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She didn’t want to go, leave

this house and home, for who

else would know how to take

care of her darling cat or give

her such loving attention?

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Then I found myself going in a more playful direction here…


She stroked him under the chin

and chuckled deep within, for

none could know this cat now

in sweet repose was none

other than a witch’s familiar

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I’m grateful above all things in this fast paced, ever-changing world for the fact that God changes not. He remains reliably faithful, trustworthy, unchangeable, loving, kind and gracious toward us. We may not always be able to see the way ahead but we can always trust the One who is holding us.


Embracing the inevitable

Autumn weaves its magical misted mellowness across our land.

We bathe in its golden glow of fruitful abundance.

Leaves dance bright then fall in sympathy with our moods.

All too soon decay and death hang heavy at the door.

Tinged with a chill air signalling further change in the atmosphere.

Seasons shift.

Imperceptibly then inevitably.

And we are forced to shift our perceptions and expectations along with the weather.

Adaptation is required to live well in a new season.

Though it doesn’t always come easy.


You wear two faces

Friend and Foe,

encourage me to embrace

and withdraw

as you tug me out

of my comfort zone.

You steal Familiar

and Safe from out

of my grasp

until I’m left

clutching at straws

dangling mid-air,

readying to make

the leap of my life

or draw back in fear,

loose-leaf trembling

quivering on tentative twig

instead of solid branch.

When I flee from you

I’m left panting and gasping

slinking back to bolt-holes.

When I allow you entry

I fly free as bird

caught in your current.

I hate Unknown,

hate even more Uncertain,

draw life’s breath in Safety

dream sweet-slumber in Security,

have fear of falling, failing,

hopes and legs akimbo.

Now you whisper gentle, low,

resounding to my very depths –

I’m no joy-stealer, peace-eroder,


I’m what you need

to Become and to grow.


How do you feel about embracing change?

What aspects do you enjoy or fear?

This post is the first in a new series of #mondaymusings

The first topic is about change in its varied forms.

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