bearing and sharing joy seeds



Rather like a tiny mustard seed of faith, joy is also a seed we nurture within, water with God’s word and encourage to flourish and grow.

Joy takes root in all of God’s children, swells best in thankful hearts and expands exponentially the more we share it, thus sowing seeds in the lives of others.

Though we need to hold on to joy, especially during tough times, we’re not meant to carefully horde our joy, but spend it freely, give lavishly and liberally just as God gives to us.

We bear the mark of Christ in our hearts, because His footprints are found within every believer. We also bear His seeds of love, hope, joy, mercy and compassion. Each day provides fresh opportunity to release those seeds into society.

What can stop us is our perceived unworthiness, or living with a scarcity mentally where we fear losing the good things God has already given us.

The good news is that there is plenty to go around, an abundance, in fact. God is no man or woman’s debtor. He is a faithful, loving, giving, generous God and our lives are meant to mirror His character.

And here’s the thing – joy given away is joy multiplied. We actually experience an increase each time we give our joy away to others. How good is that?!



Joy seeds

Let me scatter joy seeds

fling them wide from my fingers

spread arms in a cruciform shape

reach out to the edge of existence

heedless of the direction they take


May I be profligate

with them, not counting

the cost of giving, but

losing myself in mercy

because joy is never lost


Maybe something will take root

rise up strong in future days

and new life produce shoots

as it pushes through dark

soil, rising with sun’s rays


Maybe all it takes is hope

wrapped up in a prayer

as I liberally sprinkle

seeds of joy everywhere



Welcome to #day27 of #write31days of journeying into joy – I can barely believe we are nearly through this series! Thank you SO much for joining me.

I hope and pray you are taking something positive and encouraging out of these posts and I’d love to know how they are speaking to you. Thank you .