crave: deciding what our souls are really longing for



It’s hard to be neutral these days, immune to the constant bombardment and urgent invitation to spend. Consumerism feeds our every desire—including those we didn’t even know we had before—as it makes  most of us, especially weak-willed people, crave far more than we can afford.

As a woman of faith, my desires also reflect the holy work going on within, mirroring the way God is slowly changing my thoughts and altering them to be more in line with following Him.

A craving sounds like such a desperate thing. It makes me wonder if my heart is truly craving what it needs. Am I yearning for God, desiring to know Him better above all things? I hope so. Some days seem to be more about gritting our teeth and getting on with it, more about survival than sweet surrender, don’t they?

But my hope and prayer for you and me is to be able to sift the grace glimmers from the glitter and glitz, the eternal, lasting treasure from the way the world measures things, the Hope we have in Jesus from the urge to buy what pleases.

Because we soon discover that no thing in itself, no person can completely satiate our deepest soul longing, the God-shaped vacuum only He can fill.

Such thoughts helped shape my five-minute-friday poem below…

What do I crave?

What do I crave? The TV ads suggest

myriad things from saucepans to rings

They believe my life is bereft without

the great benefit of their products


But is it really? Can Christmas be bought? Can love

be a commodity like everything else on the shelf?

I think not, because here’s what I crave most of all

in a free-flow, no-particular-order kind of way…


I crave rest and healing, a greater God-revealing

Hope for the future on bleaker days and a

deeper appreciation of the gift of grace

Hands holding me steady, lifted in prayer

Friends to support, encourage, be here


I crave strength for today, solace for sadness

Calm patience to cope with all of life’s madness

A growing faith and trust in God’s ways, as

I yield and surrender my will every day


I crave peace and quiet, solitude and silence

as I listen, contemplate all that life means

Inspiration to write, create and give

Energy enough to love well and live


How do you differentiate between true soul needs and general desires?

What are you craving most in this season of busyness and excess?

Blessed as always to have words coming today in response to the #FMF prompt: ‘crave’ and to join fellow writing friends gathering at our gracious host Kate Motaung’s site to share their thoughts. Do come over and see the great posts on offer here.