beautiful: a shaded life made glorious by grace


Our previously weed-strewn garden is bare, save for a brave flower or two poking through, unhindered now by the crowded entanglement of dried vines,  drooping stalks and knee-high grass.

There’s a strange beauty in the barrenness that precedes new planting and flowering to come. Maybe it’s because it signals a needful breathing space between one stage and the next. A holy pause in which to collect our grateful thoughts.

Our souls have flourished joyfully in the Easter resurrection celebration. And now? Routine is slowly replacing rejoicing, work commitments tend to dull the wonder and unseasonably cool winds make us shiver with a kind of sadness.

Because winter may be at an end but spring is still an emerging season. Though hope presses us to look for signs of resurrection in our souls and all around, knowing we will discover them if we search hard enough.

Sing with his beauty

Our lives are cursed shade

But God has made everything

sing with his beauty



Glimpses of glory

You can’t steal beauty

A cursed world will still retain

glimpses of glory


Like us, plants are beautiful but cursed, fragile and flawed. They begin with stunning splendour and then they fade, wither and die. Their glory may be fleeting but they also bloom again, season after season, when conditions are right for them.

And we have eternity written into our hearts. We are made for more than our earthly frame would suggest. We receive new, resurrection bodies, just like Jesus did. We will live on.

For now, we reveal glimpses of God’s glory, with His light and life within, and as we blaze bold and shine for Him.


Beautifully freed

Jesus took sin’s curse

from us on the cross—now we’re

beautifully freed



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