Love is speaking

Love speaks to us in myriad ways. Way beyond Valentine cards, roses and chocolates ~ welcome as they are.

There is heartache and elation, pain and promise, sadness and joy wrapped up in human love, circumscribed as it is by our woundedness.

We can be broken and made new by love.  God’s love heals, renews, restores and makes us whole.

The Word made flesh  revealed in Jesus offers us the gift of mercy, grace and forgiveness from His poured out blood-bought sacrifice.

We are eternally, unconditionally and wonderfully loved beyond anything we can know or imagine.

All creation continually signals the love of the Creator.

It is never silent because God is constantly pouring out His love to us.

He longs for us to know Him and discover we are deeply loved by Him. It’s the greatest love story ever told.

‘Love speaks’

Love speaks


an aching formless void, seeming nothingness

into which pours poetry, music, melody and noise


the echoes of a dream, vibrancy we glean

in everything we encounter, visible and unseen


we tune our hearts to hear soft whispers

on the wind tickling our attentive ears


longing breaking forth in our souls,

a sense of awe, wonder, becoming and belonging


to make us feel complete, fulfilled, whole,

so we strain to draw close, come near


the Source of all we could or would be

growing familiar as He starts to appear


lingers to impart His light and grace from above

into thankful hearts made ready for His love


The video below is a love letter from the Father’s heart to our own.

It speaks volumes about how each and every one of us is deeply loved and special to God.

May it bless and encourage your heart as you watch it.

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