Power of prayer

Do you ever wonder if your prayers achieve anything? Me too.

Sometimes it feels as if our words get no further than our lips, laps or living-rooms.

We feel dry inside.

All life and vitality drained out of us.

Going through the motions.

As if praying is a duty rather than a privilege.

Yet, if we stop and think about it, we are partnering up with God in helping to bring about His purposes on the earth.

The Creator, Sustainer and Lord of the Universe actually invites us to come to Him and share in His own heart’s desires.

To hear what moves Him and be moved to participate in bringing it to pass.

To offload all our anxieties, cares and concerns.

To intercede for those in need.

To help, support, encourage and minister to others.

To co-labour in spreading the news of His tremendous love and grace.

What could be more awesome than that?

It doesn’t rest on our words, our feelings, our dryness or liveliness.

It doesn’t rest on how weary or alert we are.

It doesn’t rest on how much time we spend, what physical position we adopt or if we speak, shout, cry or remain silent.

It rests solely on God’s willingness to work with and through His people in a powerful, life-transforming way.

And that’s a huge relief!

The poem/prayer below was written in sympathy and support for all who may feel like inadequate prayer warriors.

As you read it, please remember that our feelings about how we pray are far less important than the fact that we do pray.

Sometimes, just saying, “Help” or “Jesus” is the most powerful prayer you can utter as it reveals total dependence on Him.

Our prayers rise as incense, a fragrant offering to God.

His Father-heart longs to hear us speak to Him about any and everything.

And His greatest desire is to speak to us too.

So remember, my friend, God cares about your life – each and every aspect of it is very important to Him.

“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

‘Simply being’


I am ashamed at the paucity of my prayers

so often brief, wandering or barely there

where are the sighs, groans and moans

of a powerful prayer wrestler

or the quiet resting, grace-revealing confidence

of a seasoned intercessor?

Mine slip out unnoticed, arrows weakly fired

just hitting ceiling, dying expired, or spoken by rote

in a bleary state, I feel like they’re not going anywhere

or very appealing to You at any rate

and I must confess it bothers me when clock-watching replaces

the freedom of Simply Being in Your Presence, at ease

resting, trusting, listening, heeding, instead of these

snatched moments racing against time, weariness or schedule

that scarcely please me, never mind You at all

So I come, bearing a burden heavy

to let fall, lay at Your feet

disposing of my shame and guilt

at Your forgiving mercy-seat

and take up another burden to bear

as for my sister and brother

I long to pray and share

as I learn not to be so much

concerned for my own affairs

as I know I should be

and sense the beating of Your heart

for this world’s grief and sorrow

You’re longing to impart to me

so I can join in prayer to bring about

the blessing of Your Healing and Your Peace

for today and for tomorrow