Comforted by presence

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Scratch the surface of any life, crack us open to the core and, sooner or later, you will find a heart yearning for presence, although we may not even know it.

Our souls crave security, safety and shelter as primary needs. Our hearts crave connection, acceptance, companionship.

We all want reassurance that we’re not alone or as lonely as we may often feel, and to experience being comforted by presence.

Life can be a fearful thing. No-one really wants to be without companionship along the way, a hand to hold, a word to encourage and reassure.

As someone verging more on the introverted rather than extroverted way of being, I long for quiet, space, silence and solitude on a regular basis.

Sitting alongside that desire is a thread of needing to be seen, heard, appreciated and understood. Maybe you can relate?

And most of all, deep down, I want to be loved fully, deeply, madly and personally, warts and all, no holds barred, just as I am….please. Is that too much to ask?

Sadly, my parents left me with a legacy of insecurity and inferiority. They were poor and careless caretakers of my heart.

Only God can offer me (and you too) such depth of understanding, such consistent, reliable, faithful, unconditional love – although my husband has come pretty close during our 40 years of marriage.

My heart craves deep soul connection with others. My mind wants to unwind with like-minded kindred folk. My spirit seeks solace in relationship.

And the great thing is, we are not as alone as we perceive ourselves to be.

There is a certain Someone always looking out for you and me and we have the constant comfort of His reassuring presence.

You are not alone

Mary, full of divine favour, waited

expectantly to birth our Saviour

She was given reassurance of

the comfort of God’s presence

Now, we walk wild through

this world, try to eschew

the things which seek to get

us firmly in their grip

And we are never left alone

even when we feel we’re

on our own, because

God has made His place

of rest within our all

too human breast

He calls our lone heart’s space

His own true home place

His room to be and breathe

ours to respond, receive

and walk within His ways

for the remainder of our days

Keeping our eyes wide open

toward prospect of heaven

for the Kingdom’s only partly come

but will be our soul’s forever home

lit by the radiance of The Son


I’m sharing five minutes of as-it-comes poetry today with a loving, supportive community of fellow writing friends. This week’s prompt is:‘Alone’. You’re very welcome to participate.

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