Looking back and moving forward

As someone in the Autumn of her life, there is quite a bit for me to look back and reflect on.

Time is a great healer, or so the saying goes.

Though regrets can be hard to live with.

Wisdom seems to be an advantage of growing older – some compensation perhaps for the gradual loss of other functions or faculties?

Or is it just seeing through the lens of history and experience that gives us a fresh perspective which seems wise?

Maybe it’s seeing with God’s eyes as He opens our vision to His perspective rather than our own.

Hindsight is a great teacher.

Here are a couple of mini Tuesday tidbits to share with you on this subject:


I wish I knew then

what I know now

I could have been a better friend

wife and mother somehow

discerning and wise

knowing bad from good

at least in my own eyes



Hindsight poem pin for Poetry Joy

Hindsight is invaluable

for the insight it imparts

though a residue of regret

may linger in our hearts

maybe I can learn to start

something new today

in accepting it wisdom

without regrets holding sway


Day 6 of 31 days  writing #poetryforthesoul on love, loss, life and faith