how our small candlewick faith becomes a flame



When joy is thin on the ground we search for ways to ignite it again. The means may vary, but the aim is to recover some semblance of contentment, a small spark of joy whereby we feel more alive and engaged.

I derive a great deal of pleasure from creation’s beauty, the way it leaves its signature scent on each day. The hard part is to develop awareness, to deliberately turn my eyes toward the window, step outside a while and simply breathe a bit of fresh air, marvel at the changing seasons, take some photos.

Being housebound needn’t limit appreciation of the world outside my window. If anything, it intensifies it. Clouds are a constant source of delight when I remember to watch them. Sometimes all it takes is a simple lifting of eyes and heart heavenwards, a reaching out to God in gratitude for all He is and all He has given us.

It is said that those who develop an attitude of gratitude are among the happiest people in the world, because thankfulness sparks deeper contentment and joy. Making space to record God’s goodness toward us sets us on a reflective path which leads to pleasure, whereby we focus more on fullness instead of perceived lack.

I’ve recently decided to journal again after neglecting to do so for a few months. Now I regularly use an app to write a few words of poetry and add a photo or two, sometimes write out first/last free-writing thoughts in a simple spiral notebook, as well as keeping a prayer journal where whispers from the Lord sit beside notes on Bible verses or from books that are speaking to me.

However we plan or prepare, whatever gratitude notes or  journaling method we use, it can be a great means of reconnecting to the creative self within, as well as making us more aware of God’s footprints in our day. And once we actively seek out God’s presence, He begins to ignite faith, hope and joy again, reviving weary souls with renewed strength.

Igniting joy

A thick blanket of darkness covers

us, smothering hope and joy within,

dampening our dreams, pouring

cold watery streams on the fire

of desire and imagination


Then we take our small faltering

candlewick, hold out our brief spark

like a trembling flag of faith from

quaking, fearful hearts. And we watch

mesmerised as it ignites a fiercer


Light, burning companionably

beside ours, its fulsome flame

strong enough to consume each part

of dark; every inky cloud covering,

every dim place – now blazes bright again


“The Light shines in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it]” ~ John 1:5 AMP


Welcome to #day6 of 31 days of journeying into joy.

I hope and pray these daily posts are a fresh infusion of joy and a blessing to you.

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