humbling: on striving, falling and humbling #thedailyhaiku 12


Falling from ladders or anything else can be humbling. As a permanently weak, weary and clumsy (ish) person I often trip over things or just lose my balance when walking around a bit. It’s something I’ve got used to but embarrassment can still affect me when it happens in a public place.

I have also fallen for situations and belief systems that have hurt me more than taking a tumble. I’ve fallen for the trappings of our materialist society and its success stories, bought into consumerism’s lies, been unnecessarily humbled by my background and perceived lack of this and that.

And even if I feel like I’ve fallen out of grace time and again, it is not a possibility because God’s grace is wilder and wider than the ocean, deeper than the deepest sea. We can never fall far enough to be out of the reach of our Saviour’s arms. No pit we end up in is too much of a problem for Him.

Nowadays I’m a bit older and wiser and less likely to seek after success. I’m more inclined to pursue peace, long for a quiet life and rest content with having less. The only ladder I want to climb is one going straight to heaven. Beam me up when I’m ready!  😏🌈


we strive for success

unsteady ladder topples

crestfallen, we rest


Life offers us numerous opportunities to be humbled. It’s how we learn and grow. It’s how gratitude takes root in us and pride gets defeated, or shown the door for a while at least.

How has climbing ladders, experiencing humiliation or being humbled affected your life?

How has your faith shaped your attitude to these things? Feel free to share in the comments below. There’s no judgement here, my friend. 😊

resurrection: an unravelling and loosening to be set free


How easily we can fool ourselves into thinking we are free, while we live unaware of those invisible chains which still have a hold on us. We can be captured and captivated by the things of this world, enslaved by our own drives and desires, held captive by guilt, shame and pain. But we try to hide away from the anguish it brings.

Jesus offers us a remedy for a life of slavery to self and to sin, and hope for a need to be set free. His blood, His love, His goodness and grace all pave the way to an eternal destiny where freedom beckons with an invitation, whereby bending, bowing and brokenness are the means of entry.

Will we come? Will we heed the risen Saviour’s voice calling out across the sands of time? Will we seek to be loosed, like Lazarus, from physical and spiritual death?

Once a soul has been given to God, it will never be the same again. He will gradually, gently take and break, mould and make us anew, shaping us oh so tenderly into all we were always intended to be.

Being loosed

Lazarus became loosed from death

precursor to the cross to come

where death would lose

its final sting, and Christ

would rise soon from the tomb


A strange unravelling,unwinding of

bandaged limbs held fast in waxy cold

confines of morbidity, where life was lost

A warming, rushing pulse of life-breath

flooding through instead, as colour returns

and rigor mortis turns back to vigorous


And death’s steely-grip chains break at last

as our Saviour reveals The Way to be free

Now we have Hope and Life anew, as we

limp through our own resurrection days

blinking in unaccustomed Sun’s rays


We teeter on the edge, where death

lies as sinking abyss, yet across

its depths Christ’s firm footsteps tread

His arms spread wide to bring us Home

to eternal Life spent by his side


And once we have heeded the call to die to self so that we can rise to newness of life in Christ, we discover how, little by little, with Holy Spirit’s help, those things we were addicted to, or which held us fast, are slowly loosed.

An unravelling begins, as we become more alive on the inside, our hearts softened by God’s love, our souls more receptive and ready to be changed. Day by day, Christ’s resurrection glory and joy begin to overcome the darkness within. We are free… We can breathe… We can begin again…. Easter resurrection hope and  joy is ours for eternity.  Christ is risen indeed, hallelujah!!

Happy Easter, dear friend! May you rejoice in the glorious Hope we have in Christ.  🙂 ❤