seeking to enjoy the journey we are on



While we journey into joy, we soon discover how much better it is to have support, friendship and companionship to encourage us along the way. Especially when it becomes tough at times, there are mountains to negotiate or skirt round, several hills to climb, much travelling to do and lessons to get through.

The travelling can feel endless to reach our goals. Yet the road yawns wide before us, stretching its fingers toward the future, inviting us to do the same.

As we place our faith and hope in God, He will slowly unfurl the rich potential of days still to come, and grant us grace to enjoy the current view of the journey we are on.

The prayer below reflects on part of my creative journey, which is continually being shaped by faith and made achievable by God’s goodness and grace. May you see your own dreams reflected in it too.

Dear Father,

It seems strange to think that our afflictions can become joy bringers. Yet I know that without mine I would probably lead a disconnected selfish life, all the poorer for losing such deep need-driven daily dependence on your grace and mercy.

For in love, you have given us joy in knowing you, in living with your constant presence, in the persevering, enduring and overcoming, and joy in the journey itself.

We are created to dream big dreams, to believe for the impossible, to see your hand at work bringing life from what seems dead. A dream was laid on my heart. I dared to hope for something beyond the everyday.

I desired to write a book of poetry.  A seed of hope was sown, liberally watered by the encouragement of those you chose to accompany me. Their interest and support helped the fragile seed to grow, flower and flourish.

You knew I lacked courage to walk this path alone, that I would be tempted to give up without prayer and words to cheer me on, how my fears and failings would make me falter, weakness make me wilt and pain bring a halt to proceeding.

And you gave blessings in abundance, as you always do to each one of us – liberally, freely, graciously, lavishly, unexpectedly, joyfully.

You provided friends to walk beside me, peace in pursuing purpose, strength in sharing, courage in creativity.

All helping me to be here now – still walking in faith, still writing, still living and believing for greater things to come.

For you reward all who diligently seek after you. May it be our goal, always. The Giver of all good gifts does not disappoint us.

For these things and for your manifold mercies, we give you our grateful thanks and praise.


“More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

PS: *Take heart, friend – though we may have to wait a while, God-sized dreams do eventually come true. After over 2 years of waiting, I’m so thankful to have the fruit of this particular dream available now as a real live book to read! You can click on the link to access Seeking Solace: Discovering grace in life’s hard places’, or UK readers will find it in the sidebar here. Every copy sold helps to raise funds for Action for M.E*



31-days-of-journeying-into-joy-badgeWelcome to #day10 of 31 days of journeying into joy.

How is the journey going for you? Can you testify to God bringing a dream to pass?

Do let me know in the comments below.  🙂