It’s not about me

It doesn’t take us long once we have become a Christian to see that there’s a huge obstacle blocking our progress in  the walk of faith ~ ourselves.

We have been accustomed to living an ego-driven-centric life, whether aware of it or not.

From infancy onwards, the soul is naturally set in gaining satisfaction from its needs being met.

We survive and thrive because of it.

But as believers in Christ we have a whole new set of values to live by.

Surrender and submission become the hallmark of a life given over to God.

It’s all about Him. His will and ways. His purposes being fulfilled.

Though God doesn’t seek to be in relationship with unthinking robots. He won’t gatecrash our thinking either.

We play our part in gradually opening up more of ourselves to Him, and He fills and floods more areas of our lives with His healing, restoring Presence.

All is made new ~ over time, testing and trials ~ as faith and trust are stretched and perseverance and wisdom grows.

Until we realise we prefer His ways to our ways and can see the wonder of a life enlivened by His Spirit.

I’m still learning after many years on this pathway. It can take a lifetime to become more like Jesus.

But it is so worth it if His beauty can be seen in you and me and shine out to bless and encourage others.

Because we’re never more truly ourselves (as He created us to be) than when we’re revealing His glory and grace in our lives.

‘All about me’

An insistent voice making a continual plea,

calling, “What about me, what about me?”

Deceptively soft, subdued, until clawing

its way through our resistance, drowning

out all, rising clear and loud,

shouting out, now strong and proud,

it appears deafening to our ears

Life can beat to its persistent drum, it’s

surging flow and constant thrum, or we

can choose to turn the volume low,

rendering things steady and slow

by a huge effort of the will, grit of teeth,

shake of head, and a defiant refusal

to pay attention to what is said

But our best efforts are rendered vain

when its piercing cry pounds relentless

as rain, and we can no longer ignore

all that it seeks to impart and implore,

and with much pushing and pressing succeeds

in driving us forward with undue speed ~

for ego is desperate to be top of the game

How can we learn to be less, not more,

and allow Holy Spirit’s voice to soar?

How do we submit when all inside

cries to be first and to override

those gentle whispers on the wind

from our most loving, faithful Friend?

I wish I knew… about you?


Joining here with Diana and other like-minded questioning souls as we ask:“What’s with this ‘more of Jesus and less of me stuff?'” And with fellow thoughtful sisters Lyli, Mel and Jennifer

In dark places

How do you feel about the imminent approach of Winter?

Are you a huddler into sweater and by fireside, or maybe an outdoors adventurer savouring cold wind biting cheeks and snow falling on face?

Much depends on our health and how our moods reflect the seasons.

Especially for those who suffer from SAD, with the nights drawing in, weather becoming increasingly cooler, and darkness descending on our daylight hours, it can often feel like we’re in a closed off place and space, removed from others and even strangers to ourselves.

Our souls long for light and bright, welcoming warmth, celebrating cosy and comforting.

The poem below was written in sympathy and empathy for all who feel isolated by their circumstances and crave change for the better.

‘As bulbs’

As bulbs lie dormant in dark places

with  calm expectancy of life to come

so we go through dark nights of the soul

when all feels hushed and numb,

cloaked, concealed and muffled

with neither sight nor sound

nor word of encouragement in any measure

can seemingly be found

in landscape dry, barren and bleak

where we have shuffled slow

with moan and sigh

waiting for God to speak.

Have we been forgotten, left to our own devices,

or can we sense midst the gloom of feeling rotten

that a flicker of hope rises within and

Someone really is close by us here

who sees and understands, holds us safe

and deeply cares?

Throughout the days of hurt and pain

we discover all is not lost as we had thought,

and faith rises bright

as we turn again to the One

who paid a great cost to lift us

out of any pit we may have fallen in

back into His radiant Light.


Windows and views

I wear my heart on my sleeve and (so I’ve been told) on my face too.

Sometimes our emotions are plain to see.

Or we may become expert at keeping them hidden.

Fearing exposure. Vulnerability. Guilt. Ridicule. Shame.

No matter how guarded we think we may be, God sees our hearts. 

And that’s a good thing.

He alone can perform heart surgery on damaged, wounded emotions.

He alone has power to transform and restore.

His grace and mercy are new every morning.

His love is totally unconditional. Endless. Unlimited. Complete.

Our own loved ones can know us pretty well.

Though maybe only to the extent to which we reveal ourselves to them.

Much can be concealed.

The poem below speaks of knowing and not knowing.


It amazed me to discover

you didn’t know the colour,

while I could relate

every shade and hue

in friends and family.

Yet you have viewed

things very differently,

observing every nuance

of emotion as they

appear and dance

with great variety.

For though you may not

easily notice colours

that I can see,

you never miss a chance

to catch the whole

range of feelings

that are there for me

in the windows

of my soul


Day 20 – 31 days of #poetryforthesoul