Why brevity might be the way forward

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Transparency has been my hallmark ever since I began shaping words to share publicly.

Whether it be prose or poetry, I tend toward a confessional, soul baring and sharing style of writing.

And that’s no bad thing when I aim to be as authentic as possible, even if it can lead to surprising things arising from the deep.

My pondering can take me places I never intended to go as I wait on God for inspiration and try to follow His leading.

And you know what? Transparency can make you feel paper-thin, vulnerable and fragile.

Sometimes a little light relief is called for – hence this brief poetic look at brevity and how it might be the way forward for a while.

Because my poetic hat is wearing itself ragged at the moment as I put the finishing touches to a debut poetry collection which I hope to self-publish fairly soon.

Could brevity be a way forward perhaps? It is said that less is more, after all.

Would you prefer a helping of haiku or some micro-poetry here instead of the usual fare?

Read and judge for yourself and let me know what you think…


I must confess

that brevity

is not my forté

nor does it

come easily

to one as

verbose as me

Rather, I tend

(though I aim to say less)

toward long lament

Intense soliloquy

instead of

snappy eulogy

Perhaps I should refrain

from pouring out words

falling through my head

And aim to discipline,

confine, constrain myself

(in an Oriental way)

by trying to write

some haiku instead?


It’s not often that I write about the writing process itself as I am doing here, but sometimes the nuts and bolts of being a writer make it necessary to reflect on how to go about it.

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Dear reader, normal service will (hopefully) be resumed as soon as possible! Thank you for your grace. 🙂

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