when we want thoughts to flow like water #thedailyhaiku 11


As a writer and poet I experience days, weeks and even seasons when words falter and fail, the flow stalled somehow. When it stutters to a halt it usually indicates that I need to stop, take a break for as long as necessary and just let things happen naturally in their own good time.

There’s no need to panic when you hit a writing hiatus. Thoughts flow more freely when we yield to the need for rest, stretching our our stiff limbs and getting some fresh air if possible. Straining to write rarely yields a good result.

And when we rest, relax, feed our souls with prayer, quiet times with God, our favourite music and good books, we find they tend to stimulate a flow once more. It might appear in small dribs and drabs but one day a stream will issue forth and we will write with words begging to be put down on the page.

If I desire to write poetry then it helps me to begin again if I read some each day. Gradually, the lines I see in everyday, ordinary things will leap out at me. My soul starts to spot a rhythm and cadence that can set me off in the right direction. Once a few words are formed, it isn’t long before a new poem takes shape with ease. Such days are beautiful grace gifts and blessed indeed!

flow like water

these quiet currents
flow like water over stone
rippling through my mind