Parting is such sweet sorrow

As Summer segues into Autumn/Fall, we may experience a sea-change of emotions, new beginnings and opportunities arising, as well as a shift in the weather patterns.

It can feel like a chance to start over again, with the shiny new inviting us to embrace our future with anticipation.

Changes also bring with them departures from the way things have been, which can feel a little scary.

This is the period when children commence school and those who have left school stretch their wings seeking unexplored pastures.

All of which can bring a bitter-sweet mix of emotions when we let go of the old in order to embrace the new.

Seeing a child off to nursery, school, college, university, or the world of work for the first time can feel painful, even as we celebrate their emerging independence and new-found freedom, especially if it is the youngest member of the family finally growing up in various ways.

You may be in that situation now, or able to look back and see how well you coped with it afterwards.

The poem below was written at such a time as this:

‘Letting go’


Love held him tight

as hand clasped hand

I would not let him go

I was the voice of reason, wisdom,

watching my seed grow

Yet time marched on

and loosed the bond

slowly gathering pace –

he strained for independence

to run in his own race

Now still the rock

on which he leans

crumbling yet holding fast –

my child grows wise

for future years

while I cling

to the past



Note:This poem was previously published in the anthology ‘Individual Voices’ in March 2003 and in ‘Celebrations -15 Years of The People’s Poetry’ anthology in November 2005 ©JoyLenton All rights reserved


How well do you cope with change?

Have you found ways to embrace the new whilst letting go of the old?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet sorrow

    • Me neither, Joy. Though much of life means embracing change, welcome or otherwise. And I am also heavily reliant on God’s grace to help me to do so. We all have people and situations we hold close and fear to release; but God encourages us to trust Him with everything and everyone in our lives, and He’ll provide the necessary courage and strength to let them go in the way they need.

    • Spooky indeed, Keren! We certainly seem to be hitting the same topics and being on the same wavelength quite a bit recently. Thanks for stopping by. So pleased you like the poem! Xx

    • Thank you for letting me know. Sometimes we can feel alone when facing change and the challenges it presents as well as the opportunities it brings. But God calls us to trust Him in everything. Hard to do sometimes!

  1. I’m dealing with lots of change at the moment…it’s exciting but it all happens at once (for me, anyway!). I spent many years in a ‘waiting’ state; now it’s as if the light has turned green. That’s something I’m pleased about, but as you will well know, change is tiring too.

    I have to pray for strength to get through, to make the change well and identify the things in life I have to give up. So often we carry the old with us into the new, and can’t understand why we are overloaded.

    Sometimes I remind myself to step back and do a ‘life check up’. Everything is on probation!

    • Coming out of the ‘waiting state’ can feel liberating yet induce fear in us. Somehow the familiar seems more comforting and safe, even when we’ve longed for a positive change in our lives.

      Lifting you up in prayer as you lean hard on God for the necessary energy and strength you’ll require to move forward. May you know His peace, wisdom and guidance to make wise choices. Remember to pause, breathe, pray, listen and act on what you hear God saying to you. He’s got you covered, Lucy! Love and prayers Xx 🙂

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