Prayer Whisper:Hearing


God has many ways He chooses to speak to us.

‘Prayer Whispers’ are some of the messages God has laid upon my heart this year and inspired me to share to bless others with.

This one is about hearing God’s voice:

“Slowing down in order to hear My voice is so important. Your mind has a tendency to be distracted by many things. As you still your soul and learn to filter out the other voices that call for your attention and begin to recognise My voice, then you will hear Me speaking to you. I am never silent. My voice goes out over all the earth. Only those who quiet themselves to tune in to it will hear My voice of affirmation and instruction.

I have spoken words of love, forgiveness, mercy and grace to all through My beloved Son. I speak words of My glory and majesty in the heavens and on the earth through their bounty and splendour. So no-one is without the ability to know that I am God. Those who come to Me through My Son have My written word and the voice of My Spirit to guide them as they journey in life. I have not left you without help, guidance or support”.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the end of the world” ~ Psalm 19:1 – 4


Help us to still ourselves before You and listen for your voice speaking directly to our spirits. Speak as we read Your word, wait quietly before You and learn to tune out other distractions. May we seek and find You as we carve out time and space in the busyness of our lives, and become more aware of Your presence as we go about our daily tasks. Give us ears to hear, a heart to respond and the ability to live out the truth we read in Your word. Amen.

11 thoughts on “Prayer Whisper:Hearing

  1. Dearest, Joy. How I needed these words today! How wonderful to know our God is never silent! Love these words!… “As you still your soul and learn to filter out the other voices that call for your attention and begin to recognise My voice, then you will hear Me speaking to you.” I will be re-reading this for sure. Blessings! Re-blogged.

    • Thanks, Joan! It’s a message we seem to need constant reminders of, isn’t it? Slowing down to listen to God is so important. Blessings of peace and strength to you as you wait on Him.

  2. I love being still, stepping away from the noise of the world, and listen to my Father 🙂

    Thank you for your lovely prayer whisper


  3. How we benefit from “stepping away from the noise of the world” and listening to our Father! It’s a space and place of communion, love and peace. Anita, you and I can only come away blessed in the pursuit of holy silence. I’m so thankful God is teaching me the value of stilling myself before Him as He imparts words to bless others with.

  4. Oh girl! I am the wiggliest, squirmiest, hardest to pin down. Sometimes, I think God just shakes his head (in a knowing manner) and waits for me to come to the end of myself (aka…breathe). He waits on me so He can whisper in my ear, His tender love and affirmation my soul so desperately needs and wants.

    • Oh I know what you mean, Caryn. God pinned me down with chronic sickness and even then I failed to ‘be still’ internally. It’s taken me some time (and seeing unexpected fruit) that keeps me rooted to the spot to listen to Him more closely now. Yet we benefit so much when we do listen, don’t we? Blessings.

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