Climbing strong

So much of life can lay us low, bring defeat, discouragement and despair.

As part of the overcoming process we need to be reminded about God’s power to save and pull us out of any pit we may have fallen into.


Even if we feel isolated and lost, we are never alone in any battle we may face.

Christ has already secured victory for us at the cross.

It is ours by faith.

His strength and grace are always available.

We are also part of His body.

Each one of us held and encouraged by the wisdom, comfort and prayers of others.

Together we are stronger.

No matter what we go through, we can have hope rising from the ashes of our painful and challenging experiences.

Today, I am celebrating the ability God gives us to support one another to rise above our circumstances.

Climbing strong

We rise up bold

shaking off dust and ashes

for we are the brave and the free 

kicking away the lies

and deceit of the enemy

now in tatters at our feet

as we take our place


let us embrace

our stories, who we are

how far we have come

renewed, redeemed children

of grace and hope

no longer at the end

dangling on bitten rope

we are…

rising, climbing strong

to the glory that awaits us

and enjoying the view

while we eschew all

that no longer belongs

as part of our lives

or hearts

as one…

being light

being salt 

being hope

bringing encouragement

as truth believers

truth bearers

weavers of story

strong through struggle

tensile with tenderness

love and compassion

as we seek…

above all things

to be true 

to ourselves

our calling

to the future

where hope rests

eternal in all

and nothing else

will ever snarl

trip us up

or make us fall




This is Day 4 of #poetryforthesoul Hope you can join me again tomorrow

13 thoughts on “Climbing strong

  1. Dear Joy
    We have such a wonderful hope, such a secure future and such a Savior that we can rejoice with truly, genuine thankful hearts even amidst great suffering.
    Blessings XX

  2. Dear Mia, thank you so much for your encouraging comment! Yes, we do indeed have “such a wonderful hope, such a secure future and such a Saviour”. Amen. And this gives us reason to be thankful no matter what we are going through. Blessings xx

  3. Today’s poem has a good feel to it, Joy, a victorious feel, not of simply coping, but overcoming, more than conquerors through Him who loves us! I especially liked the phrase, “ renewed, redeemed children of grace and hope, no longer at the end, dangling on bitten rope,” and again, “ bringing encouragement as truth believers, truth bearers, weavers of story,strong through struggle, tensile with tenderness, love, and compassion.” Very enjoyable!

    • Yes, that was the intention, Neil. Hope can rise midst the most challenging of circumstances and we all need reminders at times of being overcomers in Christ. As usual, your perception of the essence of a poem is spot on! Thanks very much, my friend. 🙂

  4. LOVE these words…”Christ has already secured victory for us at the cross.” There is our absolute! We are “children of grace and hope” our redeemer liveth! Thank you, Joy for yet another uplifting write! chalked full of glory nuggets! 🙂 xx

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