No ordinary day

When we think about our lives, it is hard sometimes to rise above the mundane activities that shape and define our days.

Yet, even as we go about routines, our hearts can be lifted to places beyond the immediate.

Our eyes can be opened to more than we see.

Our hearts can be touched by glimmers of God’s grace.

And seemingly ordinary moments become a meeting place between heaven and earth.

God whispers close.

We hear Him and know we are in a Holy encounter.

Even with feet rooted firm to earth.

There is more to our lives than the surface and superficial dictate.

With receptive minds and hearts we can be ready for extraordinary moments in an ordinary day.

Today, I am joining in with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday as we write freely, letting words spill as they will, with no worry about over-thinking, marinading or perfection.

The prompt is:‘Ordinary’


‘No ordinary day’

This is no ordinary day

in some extraordinary way

death is dying…

And because of You we are made brand new

because of Your great Love we’re redeemed, restored,

forgiven, healed, children of God above

because of Your grace we have everything we need

to run with joy this earthly race

Ordinary doesn’t begin to describe who we are anymore

each one unique, special, precious, gifted and adored

ordinary people made extraordinary by Your sacrifice

and our response to how You lay down Your own life

Clouds hung heavy and curtain was torn in two

from top to bottom, signalling our lives

are made certain  of spending  eternity with You

We have…

hope for today

blessings always

peace beyond measure

Your favour to treasure

We are…

never alone or forsaken

with sin, shame and guilt all taken

by Your death and dying

so we can dry our tears, still our fears

as we rest in all You are supplying



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20 thoughts on “No ordinary day

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  2. What a wonderful “no ordinary” write! 🙂 xx We are His children resting in His grace. We are children of the King, we are royalty, heirs to the Kingdom of heaven! The Bride of Christ are no ordinary people! We are chosen, blessed, and humbled.
    We “still our fears
    as we rest in all” for, He is supplying! Thank you Joy! So blessed by your “5 minute Friday” 🙂 xx

    • Thanks very much, Kathy. I really appreciate your sweet comment and the eulogy of praise to God which came forth as well! We certainly are “chosen, blessed and humbled” by His grace. Blessed as always by your friendship and encouragement too 🙂 xx

  3. Hi Joy! I read this just after deciding to get busy with the ordinary day of cleaning and laundry ahead of me. Although my chores will be the same, I’m not. Thank you!

    • Oh, that’s good to hear! Thank you, Joy, for revealing how God has blessed you through these words. Have an extraordinary ordinary day and a wonderful weekend ahead! 🙂 xx

  4. Dear Joy
    What a beautiful poem. I don’t know how to explain this, but suffering has this ability to make us experience more of the Lord’s joy and peace! Perhaps it is because He seems to be so much closer when we go through these tough times. Beautiful words, dear friend.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, thank you so much for your kind and insightful comment. I think you are right in how you sum up the apparent contradiction of being in a painful place yet able to perceive God’s light and beauty with these words: “suffering has this ability to make us experience more of the Lord’s joy and peace”. Yes, I agree! And we see more of that treasure mined in dark places because the Lord “seems to be so much closer when we go through these tough times”. I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to visit here today and I hope to pop over to your page again soon to read your lovely FMF post!

  5. What mortal life, for which God Himself sacrificed His own, could ever again be considered ordinary or mundane? Thank you for reminding us of that fact, Joy, and for helping us to be a little more aware of the extraordinary and the exquisite all around us, even perhaps concealed in its “work clothes!”

    • Absolutely, Neil. You have said it so well. No day can “be considered ordinary or mundane” when God is in it. Though we may have to look carefully to see the “extraordinary and the exquisite all around us, even perhaps concealed in its work clothes”! Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts here.

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