Wall around the heart

Books have always spoken into my life, but some of them are literally life-changing and transforming.

The Bible stands out as the main means by which God brings His restoration and healing into our lives.

For the words within its pages are Life and Truth itself, messages from God’s heart to my own and to all mankind.

All other books I read pale into insignificance by way of comparison.

Though they still have a great deal to enlighten, inform and teach me.

One such book is a pre-launch copy of Mary de Muth’s latest book, ‘The Wall Around Your Heart’, which I’ve been privileged to read.

It soon presented a personal challenge as I began to see the walls I’d erected around my heart without knowing it.

They had been there so long it that I’d grown accustomed to them, seeing them as normal for who I was at times or missing them altogether.

And as I kept reading, it was clear God was asking me to face the fact of their existence and work with Him in bringing them down.

It hurt. Everything inside me protested. This was way too hard.

Thankfully, God deals with each one of us individually,  gently yet thoroughly.

As I made a decision to co-operate (when it became abundantly clear it was essential to do so), God began that deep excavation work He excels at….one small brick at a time….and walls have begun to wobble and shake.

They’re not down yet –  but we’re getting there.

The poem below was written a few weeks ago in response to this awakening.

Maybe you can relate to some of it.

If so, I would like to encourage you to consider how to overcome the walls you may have erected around your own heart.

Left unattended, they are prisons holding us back from living free and uncaged lives.

We are designed for so much more than this. Jesus died to set us free in every way possible.

Let’s aim to have a foretaste of heaven on earth as we learn to live as overcomers by God’s power, grace and strength.

‘Wall around my heart’

There is a wall

around my heart

hardening from hurt and pain

stony through suffering and shame

growing taller, thicker by the year

until I feel

I could disappear

beneath its weight



suffocating shadow

looming over all my days

It’s a covering

a carapace, concealing

raw, soft vulnerability

within, a tender place

of wounding through words

and deeds of others

whose target struck and

stuck fast as shield impenetrable

stiff, unyielding rock

sheer cliff

to topple and destroy

all who may

approach this land

where I dwell

with drawbridge up, castle

fortified, defended, safe

as houses, built on sand


Today is the official launch day for ‘The Wall Around Your Heart’.

To find out more about the book and why it was written, click here.

To order/buy your own copy you can click here.

I will be blogging about its impact on my life in more detail over at Words of Joy later this week.

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12 thoughts on “Wall around the heart

    • It is indeed, Mari-Anna! There is so much godly wisdom packed into its pages. I can see myself needing to return to it again and again. Thank you for visiting. Every blessing on your personal journey towards an open heart!

  1. Very well written, Joy, and honest and sensitive as well. It isn’t “feel-good” poetry, but is too important NOT to write. I think it not only makes clear that the one inside is insulated from those who would help with healing, and from living life fully, but also is not as “safe” within as he or she imagines, their foundations themselves unstable. Your final phrase illustrates this so well: “ stiff, unyielding rocksheer cliff to topple and destroy all who mayapproach this land where I dwell with drawbridge up, castle fortified, defended, safe as houses, built on sand.” Well written!

    • Thanks very much, Neil. You hit the mark once more with your understanding of what is written and the intent behind it. It feels like God is always calling me to bare my soul! If others are helped and blessed in the process then it makes it all worthwhile. Blessings.

  2. Hi Joy
    Those castles we build around our hearts are such lonely places and sooner or later we learn that they are only built on sand. What joy when our Lord breaks through those walls and sets us free! As always you poem touches me deeply for I can relate so well. Great words, dear one!
    Blessings XX

    • Yes, they are, Mia. Even if they can feel cosy in their familiarity. There is definitely great joy “when our Lord breaks through those walls and sets us free!” Sometimes freedom will be immediate, at others it’s a long process. Either way, we have the reassurance of His loving presence giving us grace and strength to cope. Thanks very much for sharing here, my friend. Blessed as always by your sweet presence! xx

    • Thank you so much for visiting, Mary! Your book deserves to have as wide an audience as possible. It will be instrumental in helping set people free in any area of their lives where walls have been erected. And I know it is going to impact my own life more as I re-read it. Thank you for pouring out your heart, soul and God-given wisdom to enable those walls to come down. Blessings.

  3. This is beautiful as always Joy. I have experienced the wonderful and yes painful at times, healing that comes with God taking away the walls. He is so gentle and kind. Truly worth it. God is really blessing me through your words. Lynn x

    • Thank you, Lynn. I am honoured and touched by your lovely comment! Learning to live without walls is challenging. I am also truly grateful that God gives us all the time and resources we need to gradually work towards a more open-hearted life. Blessings x

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