Saturday snippets

On a Saturday we may sink grateful into slumber, savour a siesta, shop, or see a movie, seek a sport to pursue, or pass a moment or two in reflection.

It  can be a pause in pursuing and an opportunity for Simply Being, a giving over to Sabbath.

Today’s #poetryforthesoul offering is suitably small and minimal as energy is low and rest becomes essential.

Not much to tax the eyes or brain.

Nothing deep or heavy.


 Empty womb-coiled shell ~ a snail trail leaking afresh ~ flowing like my tears

Blustery autumn ~ wind tears at the dew-sodden ~ velvet green-laked grass

 As bulbs lie dormant ~ we sit low in dark places ~ with expectancy

‘Poetic flame’

Sorrow stirs the

sleepy embers

of poetic flame

encircling dampened

recesses of your


curling with gentle


upon your sighs

where deepest pain


a tender fellow of

your deepest powers

your deepest love

in darkest hours


11 thoughts on “Saturday snippets

    • Thanks, Joan! I’m so pleased you like the haiku. It’s a concentrated art form that is really challenging at times. These were of the ‘here’s one I made earlier’ variety, so there was no real brain power involved! I’d love to read yours. I am trying to rest more today and be ready for the week ahead. Your prayers are truly welcome and greatly appreciated. 🙂 x

      • Thanks Joy. I’ll share it sometime. I did a set of four for a writing class. Each was seasonal. My favorite was the winter one, but I’ll share the autumn one on my blog. Maybe next week for my Tranquil Sundays post.

  1. This is really touching to my heart “deepest love in darkest hours”, oh how it is so very true,
    we will find love – God’s love still with us in those darkest hours, all we need to do is curl up and know he has us safe in His care. Extremely touching verse!

  2. Joy,
    What you find small and minimal may be the sip of water someone desperately needs, the crust of bread that will make all the difference in the world. I don’t think you’re capable of writing anything small.

    • Anne, you do me a great honour with your beautiful, poetic and encouraging words! Quite often my soul longs to write light, bright and encouraging rather than deep and emotional. But I tend to go with the flow of where I am myself, in the hope it will reach and speak to another who may be in similar circumstances.

  3. I know what you mean, Anne! Only a light, free spirit can truly write from a place of brightness. A heavy-weighted one will always tend to feel deep/stodgy in the way words are expressed! There is great wisdom in these words you say, “We have to write that which we feel”. This is so true; although we are aware that our lives can change or we can have an altered perspective which brings new feelings with it. Thank you 🙂 xx

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