Treasure mined in darkness

Christmas may be over for another year; food supplies begin to deplete along with our flagging energy and enthusiasm.

Yet hope, love and grace are evergreen ~ lingering eternally in our hearts even through the darkest days.

We may clear away the debris of celebrations but we hang on to memories we have made.

Think of Love come down to earth and how that impacts the everyday with awe and wonder.

Admire our gifts and consider the greatest Gift ever given to us ~ our Lord Jesus Christ.

And we may ponder the worth and value of the gifts we have been given by God over the last year and beyond.

For a gift may come wrapped in sadness and sorrow, problems and pain, suffering and shame.

It can take some searching to see the light shining through the darkness.

Appreciate grace glimmers in hard places.

Such a gift came to me and it took me many years to receive, unwrap and appreciate its worth.

‘Hidden Depths’

It can be really hard

to understand

how weakness and fragility

that render lives

dependent, still and slow

may be gifts

from God’s right hand

that He, in infinite mystery

has chosen to bestow

And yet there lingers

surprising nuggets of His grace

glinting bright in dark

circumstance and place

we deem rightly painful, sad;

though from His loving fingers

we can trace joy and hope

rising through all that seems

heavy weighted-down and bad

For those who cling

desperate closer toThe Vine

can find strength beyond measure

as they seek to bring

their lives as daily offering

found in their struggle,

pain and suffering, it can

yield unexpected treasure

of hidden depths to mine


“I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” ~ Isaiah 45:3

This poem links with the theme of the blog post ‘When a gift doesn’t look like one’ that I wrote as a guest post on my writer friend James Prescott’s site. You can click here to read it.

4 thoughts on “Treasure mined in darkness

  1. Dear Joy
    Oh, your words are filled with so much wisdom. It is true, my friend, that suffering can be a gift from our Pappa for it is there amidst pain and exhaustion that we learn to abide in our Lord. It might be terrible, but at the same time incredibly wonderful.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, you know how it feels to be sick and dependent and the result of seeking treasure mined in darkness. The secret is very much as you say, “it is there amidst pain and exhaustion that we learn to abide in our Lord”. Yes, it does feel terrible at times, “but at the same time incredibly wonderful”. My friend, I am always awed and amazed at your understanding of the poetic offerings God gives to me. And pleased to think they speak to your soul. Blessings 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, James. I can take no credit for it whatsoever. All is grace. All is gift. It is lovely to see you here and have such great encouragement from you. Blessings, my friend. 🙂

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