Fuel to light a fire

In these dark days of Winter we need all the help we can get to stay hopeful and encouraged.

Some seasons of the soul have their own gloomy aspect.

Fog swims in to cloud our vision.

Hope gets lost. Despair can set in. Depression is at its heels.

How can we encourage ourselves? Here are a few ideas:

Stay focussed on the positive. There is always a glimmer of light somewhere.

Keep a daily gratitude journal.

Nurture yourself inwardly and outwardly.

Feed on God’s word.

Seek the balm of friendship and support from loved ones.

Finding ways to help and encourage others will restore joy to our own souls too.

Some more thoughts on encouragement for #fiveminutefriday where we pour out words as God gives grace:



Encouragement is the fuel which lights a fire

of hope to all our dreams and desires.

Life can seem worth living again

under the sprinkle of its refreshing rain.

A word in due season can impart

a soothing balm to a broken heart,

Holy oil to bathe wounds and hurts

as it pours into everywhere we insert.

Life-giving, enhancing, gift and grace

to anoint and energise us for our race.

Whether by caring word or deed

we sow love and kindness seed.

And it gives and gives and gives some more

returning to us when we’re wretched and poor,

lighting a spark when energy is low

providing far more than we’ll ever know.

So God encourages us all to strive

to pour this gift into another’s life ~ 

A listening ear, understanding, a hand to hold,

words and actions together make it twofold;

let it be given as we also enjoy receiving

the reassurance it offers to keep on believing.



Joining here with Lisa-Jo, Mel and Laura and other brave and bold creatives as we share what God lays on our heart .

And for further encouragement ~ because don’t we just need it? ~ here’s a link to my writer friend James Prescott’s site where he specialises in the subject and has some great free resources to offer you too. Just click on his name to be taken there.

16 thoughts on “Fuel to light a fire

  1. Lovely post, Joy! Thank you for your gift of words today – comfort food for the dark and cold evenings (and mornings!) Last year I also kept a gratitude journal – such a simple and powerful thing to do. I can look back on an entire year of ‘sparkles’ – the good things that happened unexpectedly and unbidden, every day. There was always something to be grateful for, even in what was otherwise a pretty tough year.

    • It’s a really helpful exercise to keep a gratitude journal isn’t it, Ruth? As you say, “such a simple and powerful thing to do” but it reaps great results! And looking back helps us to see God’s hand at work in our lives over the year. When we have particularly tough years it gives us encouragement to remember His goodness toward us in the midst of pain and problems. Thank you for stopping by to share your lovely insights! 🙂

    • That’s the hope and goal, Anne! As we are encouraged we pass it on and help to enrich the lives of others. It can take some searching out to see the glimmers but they shine all the brighter in dark places. Blessings 🙂 x

  2. Hi Joy, visiting from FmF this time. Love your new blog. Your poems are so beautiful. You are an encouragement to me, to others. Encouragement is fuel to light a fire…I like that idea. Hope you are keeping snug and warm in storm battered England. We have wonderful warm weather in Hermanus. Sending a little sunshine and encouragement your way.
    Love, Patricia

    • Hi Patricia. Lovely to see you here! So pleased you like the new blog and poetry. Feel free to browse around and read a few more! Your presence brings a warm ray of sunshine to brighten my day. It’s a bit grey and cool in England right now but we’re getting off lightly in the South East as far as storm damage goes ~ plus it’s much milder than many a Winter! Thanks very much for making my day warm and encouraged by your welcoming words. Blessings and love to you too, my friend 🙂 xx

  3. As usual, your words are beautiful and encouraging, Joy. I too have been struggling during these dark January days – and I say this on the day which is reported to be the most depressing day of the year! I think there is so much value in gratitude and intentionally being thankful. It takes my mind of what I don’t have and reminds me of my blessings.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

    • Mel, my heart goes out to you. These dark days can be so drainng and discouraging, can’t they?Though we can find ways to restore peace and joy again, for as you so rightly say, “there is much value in gratitude and intentionally being thankful”. If we have the right intentions then God helps us by supplying motivation and positive reinforcement to aid us in our walk with Him.
      It’s always a blessing to share with you at Essential Fridays! Thank you for offering us an opportunity to meet with and encourage one another. Blessings 🙂 x

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