Calling for hush

There’s a signal, a flow.

A day moves forward.

Earth slows.

Cease from hurry and rush.

Light fades and dies.

We breathe out.

A silent sigh.

Holy hush..

dusk ~ toward evening tanka poem pin


And we listen.

Hear more than eyes can see.

Make space for a greater reality.

God calls time on our day.

No matter what has taken place, we can be thankful for His blessings.

Be awed by His unlimited, unconditional love, His unmerited, undeserved favour ~ poured out freely.

Rest from our labours and prepare to face a new tomorrow.

Receive manna and grace to begin again.


14 thoughts on “Calling for hush

  1. Love this!! We all need to make space for the greater reality of life. God bless you today and everyday 🙂

  2. Joy this is lovely and I sat here in awe reading and remembering my last holiday and the beautiful pink shades of the evening sky , and what a pleasure it is to settle down after such a busy day has passed by.

    • Thank you, Maxine. It’s wonderful how God builds these pause points into our days so that we take time to reflect on His goodness and grace. Bless you, my friend. 🙂 x

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