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To be both fully human

and fully alive

is to be in touch

with joy and pain

holding both

in balanced equilibrium

as though they

were the same,

to drink willingly

from each cup

without reserve

as we learn to thrive

within this world

And think no less

than they deserve

of one than another

esteeming all

as sister, brother,

revealing how

we can survive

our time on earth

firmly planted

in Kingdom reality

and shared humanity


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6 thoughts on “Equilibrium

    • Thank you, Chanda. Sadly, we cannot avoid pain in this world, but we mustn’t overlook the fact that God’s joy runs alongside it. Our task is to avoid being so overwhelmed by pain that we miss being alive to the grace provided within it. Bless you for visiting, friend. 🙂

  1. Wow. Powerful. (I just stumbled across your blog and love what I’m seeing. Thanks for using your gift of words to touch hearts. Blessings!)

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