Missing the Muse

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Creativity of any kind is dependent upon a cocktail of inspiration, mystery, application, mastery and perspiration.

We shake the container on a daily basis hoping a refreshing drink will appear without too much effort.

Some days there is scarcely a drop to be found.

On others all flows free and easy and we lap it up quickly before it disappears.

Writing takes sheer grit and determination as much as gift and imagination. Showing up and shipping out is a given.

Though our family responsibilities and other commitments, plus health problems, can cause us to have to draw back for a while. And rest and relaxation are essential too to avoid burnout.

When there is a world of words at our disposal, then it seems a wonder when all is dry and stale inside as they hide and slide away from our grasp.

Though much can stir the creative juices and enhance its processes, there are just as many internal and external factors affecting the outcome.

The poem below was written a few months ago during one of those dry periods. I had tried a few things to help myself get into the mood to write, all to no avail.

Struggle and striving were not going to cut it. This was a day to give in to rest. My weary body and mind needed a break.

And then, as I lay on my bed aimlessly thinking of nothing much at all.. these words began to stir within. I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote them down.

I watched it form, marvelling in amazement as words gathered momentum and dropped onto the page, one by one.

Then heaved a huge sigh of relief before tucking it away in ‘draft’ form to save for a rainy day when it seemed right to release it.

It is no surprise to me that my best source of inspiration is Holy Spirit breathing thoughts into my head, encouraging me to take note of things seen, heard and said.

If I relied completely on my own efforts then I would fall flat on my face ~ Every Single Time.

Limited energy and poor health will only get you so far, even when a strong desire is present. I am so grateful to God for whispering words to inspire creative outpourings when I am flat on my back with an M.E relapse.

And it encourages me to turn all creative endeavours over to God’s will and ways as I pray for daily guidance, help and inspiration to write.

Then, having decided on a piece to use, I pray once more before pressing ‘publish’ that the post will speak to and be a blessing to those who read it.

For if I forget to do that then I’m not just in danger of missing the greatest Muse of all, but of missing the point of being a Christian poet and writer ~ to bring honour and glory to God through the works of my hands.

So here we go again. No perfection here, just one heart sharing with another. Enjoy!

‘One of those days’

Some days the Muse speaks low

in tones we strain to hear,

soft-spoken words that come

and quickly disappear

We know not where they flee

or go, as we stretch our body

in the chair and wriggle toes

We know not why thoughts

fly swift and quick

then scrambled up they get

snuffed out as candle wick

and prove elusive to

pin down, making hearts

sink and faces frown

Returning to our chair we sigh,

with snack, sandwich, drink

and chocolate close by

For brains need fuel

and food to function well

and do their bit ~ and we

need all the help that we can get

Inspiration comes in myriad ways

we console ourselves, and return

our gaze to window watching, TV

viewing, social media screening,

all renewing sudden interest in

life calling loud in all around

when every creative thought lies bound

Best to get some exercise

with fingers lying idle, so we rise

and seek another occupation for a while

to entertain our weary minds, until we find,

relaxed at ease, thoughts surge and flood

the brain ~ quick! ~ get them down

before they stop and shut up shop again


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8 thoughts on “Missing the Muse

  1. I do think that we just have to go with the flow…and that as much as it is sitting and writing, the living and getting on in the daily grind, I find often is exactly where God speaks a lesson, a tidbit…the Holy SPirit, opens up an insight and The Master appears-it’s in that daily -ness, unsuspecting where I have found my greatest inspiration, Never when I have tried to muster it…it just comes. Beautiful thoughts as always, Joy. You bless me on the journey!

    • Exactly so, Dawn! Maybe God speaks most in those daily grind moments because He catches us at our most receptive? Our focus is on the mundane task at hand and our minds are often at liberty to wander (or heed Holy Spirit’s voice) when not so full of our own thoughts. I totally agree that it happens just as you describe, “Never when I have tried to muster it.. it just comes.” Thank you so much for stopping by to share in the conversation. You certainly bless me too, my friend! 🙂 xx

    • Amen, Mary! Thanks very much for highlighting this on the Christian Poets and Writers blog page. I hope and pray others will be blessed in the reading of it. God bless. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, and can’t we all identify with this poem. Things can flit through the mind in such a rush that we have a hard time recalling it. I have found it crops up again at the oddest times. Thank you,dear, for reminding us to write it down and be patient.

    • It does seem to be a common problem, Nells. So we need to be aware and ready to receive those gentle whispers of inspiration when they come! Thank you so much for visiting. God bless you. 🙂

  3. Hi Joy! You hit it right on the head for me. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have another original thought. But I like how you mentioned that inspiration can come from anywhere, and you are right. Even some chocolate!
    I pray that I won’t fear the dry times. Instead that they make me thankful for the loud voices pushing me to write when they come. It’s a weird balance, isn’t it? But that’s the life of a writer 🙂

    • Hi Ceil. I can fully identify with the fear that haunts us during dry times when creative outpourings slow to a trickle. It makes us feel we won’t write another word, doesn’t it? And I echo your prayer of desiring to have an attitide of gratitude “for the loud voices pushing me to write when they come.” Amen! May you be blessed and encouraged by their urging, my friend. 🙂 x

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