Lost and found

busyness ~ lost and found PJ

Something has got lost in our increasingly busy, frantic lives.

We’ve forgotten how to detach from activity.

Neglected to resist the lure of the urgent over the important.

Taking time out just to ‘be’, to pause and breathe slow is rare.

Hours spent hunched over screens is making us more concerned with what’s in front of us than what’s going on in our hearts.

How can we see the way ahead when eyes are glued downwards?

Maybe we need a break, to lose ourselves in the inner life instead of outer activity.

Read a book, rest, relax, pray perhaps.

Perhaps we’d hear echoes in our hearts, reminders of our need for God.

Listening could take the place of continual noise.

In the silence we encounter ourselves as we truly are.

And that can be alarming.

But we also allow space for God to enter in.

We find what our souls have always been looking and longing for.

And that can be life changing.

‘Lost and found’

Lost in busyness

occupation, activity,

endless toil, never at ease

Lost in despair

hopelessness, gloom, misery,

failing to see God can set us free

Lost in dreams

hopes, schemes and plans,

missing the best from His hands

Lost in sorrow

sadness, grief and pain,

He comes close to us again

Lost in ourselves

our lives, our world,

waiting for future to be unfurled

Lost and alone

in the midst of a crowd

voices sounding harsh and loud

Lost and found

when we release our cares

let go the burden of years

Lost in Love

when He calms our soul

comforts, cleanses, makes us whole

Lost in peace

we cease from anxiety, worry,

relax in His Presence

no rush, no hurry


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4 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. Beautifully written. My “One Word” for 2013 was Listen and I can truly say that it was life-changing.

    I teach kindergarten. This fall will mark my 17th in the classroom. Anyone who has been in education longer than the smart phone has existed will tell you that technology has changed everything. Of course, much of the change is for the better. But our (ALL of us) attention spans are shorter, our fuses become lit much faster, and we have to teach the young ones how to breathe. Yes, breathing is something we do with focus and intent in my class. I’m no longer in a Christian school, so, in the absence of prayer, I am teaching mindfulness.

    You have a new Facebook Fan! 🙂
    Chrissy at ReadWriteSing

    • Hi Chrissy, it’s fascinating to hear that ‘Listen’ was your #oneword365 for 2013 and how it impacted your life! Have you blogged about it too? I quite agree with you about short attention span affecting children and adults alike. Something deceptively simple and normal such as breathing feels like it should be quite natural to us, yet we so often forget to breathe deep and slow with delberation and awareness.
      I admire the vital and demanding work you are doing as a Kindergarten teacher. It is such a skill to shape young lives for the better and prepare them for the future. Thanks very much for your encouraging comment here and for the Facebook love as well! It is greatly appreciated. God bless you, friend. 🙂 x

  2. What a beautiful reminder to make space for God and for ourselves to see us as we truly are. Perhaps that is just the reason we don’t do it as much as we need to. “In the silence we encounter ourselves as we truly are.” What a gift you have with words! This truly inspired me to desire some space…..

    • Thank you, Amy! I’m so pleased this spoke to you. If you do succeed in carving out some sacred space then I promise you will not regret it. God is a rewarder of all who diligently seek after Him. He waits with eagerness to meet with us in the Quiet Place and longs to speak into our lives. Be blessed, my friend. 🙂 x

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