Hearts on pilgrimage

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Reaching significant life markers can feel like a line being drawn in the sand.

Behind it may lie years of fruitful abundance, times of activity and usefulness.

In front is an unknown, untried, untested future ~ trusted to a known God.

My line in the sand came in my 30’s when I was working as a nurse.

I was struck down, laid low with M.E, and other chronic illness followed hot on its heels.

Time shuddered to a halt. A life divided into ‘now’ and ‘then’. I soon forgot what it felt like to feel well. 

God used the time to good effect. As I began to mourn the loss of health and career, He made me lie down by His still waters to examine my soul.

Provided good Christian counselling to encourage me to unearth my painful past and bring me into a place of greater release and freedom.

After nearly 10 years of weekly counselling sessions, I was finally emotionally healed from most of the events that had shaped me as a growing child/adult and poisoned my mind and heart.

Though some lingering after-effects continue to impact my life.

They too require the Healer’s ongoing tender touch.

Now, I remain a sojourner. A heart still set on pilgrimage.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage” ~ Psalm 84:5

My soul is still seeking safety, sanctuary and strength on a daily basis as it leans heavy on the Lord.

For we never stay the same, even if our circumstances do.

We are all growing, evolving, maturing and learning day by day.

And God never stops teaching us about Himself:the wonders of His love, the marvel of His grace, the sweetness of His Presence.

I may have just passed another milestone on the way to heaven, but I will never get beyond my desperate need of God.

We are built to yearn for Him, to desire to know Him, to set our hearts on following after His will and ways.

Because that’s the only certainty we have in this uncertain world ~ our God is totally loving, totally trustworthy and totally faithful to His children.

God’s best won’t necessarily look good to us while we are experiencing it, and often not until we understand what He is doing and allowing, but it will heal and deliver us in His own perfect timing and way.

‘On pilgrimage’

Marching on is the nature of souls

in search of becoming healed and whole

Our pilgrimage can span many long years

as we learn to walk bold and conquer fears

Stumbling through valleys deep with sand

we reach out for God’s proffered hand

When weak, worn out and weary we fall

we’re lifted up by the One who sees all

Blinded by tears we lose our way

God ensures we don’t go astray

Discouragement comes and hearts can fail

until we remember the Blood and nails

Our Saviour Lord trod this earthly soil

experienced its pain, suffering and toil

And when we follow hard after Him

He grants us strength when life looks grim


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Linking here with Beth,  Holley, and other like-minded friends as we seek to encourage one another in our walk of life and faith

6 thoughts on “Hearts on pilgrimage

  1. This is beautiful! So often, what we think we want is a life protected and trouble-free – but it’s through those trying times that He grows us up into who He made us to be! We are neighbors over at Holley’s today and I am so glad I stopped by!

    • Thank you, Karrilee. I love this thought:”but it’s through those trying times that He grows us up into who He made us to be” and fully agree with it too. Happy to be your neighbour, friend, and so glad you stopped by! God bless you. 🙂 x

  2. Joy, this is such a beautiful post on growing in and through our painful times. I love Psalm 84. Years ago, verse 6 struck to my core … “As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs.” We pass through the valleys. The valleys are temporary. I found it to be such a blessing when I learned that the word “Baca” means tears. I realized the Lord takes our valley of tears and makes it a place of springs –> living waters which bring life. It is no wonder then, “They go from strength to strength.” (verse 7) Praying that you would continue to go from strength to strength becoming a woman who is stronger today than she was yesterday. And not as strong as she will be tomorrow 🙂 PS – Your meme is beautiful!

    • Joanne, thank you for taking the theme and running with it so well. I love the way you’ve expounded on Psalm 84 and brought it to life here. It’s a wonderful thought that “the Lord takes our valley of tears and makes it a place of springs..living water which brings life.” Your insights and kind prayers are greatly appreciated. Bless you, my friend. 🙂 x

    • So true, Sarah. We grow stronger where we are weak and broken because those are the very places where God meets powerfully with us. Thanks very much for stopping by to offer your insights. God bless you, friend, as you walk closer to Him in the trying times. 🙂 x

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