Autumnal days

There is a special beauty in autumnal days.

I love to watch as leaves give out a dying blaze before they crisp and curl then fall away.

And this week I have a wonderfully familiar yet completely different outlook.

My son’s garden and surroundings speak soft of summer’s ending, autumn’s kaleidoscope colours signalling the approach of colder days.

So as I’ve window-watched and pondered, taken images and enjoyed the views, it seemed good to share them with you too.

Because there is a bevy of beauty in the everyday as God pours out His glory and grace.

‘Autumnal days’

autumnal rain and trees

Autumnal days have a sacred blaze

They glow with mystery and a hint of history

Glistening raindrops gather soft light

as they turn liquid gold and rusty bright

crack where light gets in

Landscape misted by a foggy haze

in deepening darker rain-soaked days

No matter how dim and dull it may seem

there’s always a crack where the light gets in

garden squirrel file image PJ

And familiar green can become a scene

where a squirrel hides himself in plain sight

before he scampers clean away

having made his mark on the day


This poem shaped itself as I looked at the images I had taken this week. It is part of my aim to see beauty in the everyday and God’s grace in the commonplace during my  #31days of #writingbraveandfree here and at Words of Joy

Posts have of necessity been rather sporadic due to many health challenges and the extra fatigue from making a journey, but I hope you will enjoy what I’ve managed to write so far. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Autumnal days

  1. Hi Joy! I also “aim to see beauty in the everyday and God’s grace in the commonplace.” But I so easily forget when brain fog and fatigue muddy up my perceptions. 😦 Thank you for this beautiful poem and pics to brighten my day. Hugs!

    • Hi Trudy. I think I write such things not only in response to what I see but also as memory markers for darker days when beauty feels very far away. I’m so pleased to have been given words that brightened your day! Thanks for stopping by. You always bless me by your visits! *Hugs* 🙂 x

    • Thank you, Patricia. I’m happy to have been a source of blessing to you! Have you been reading my latest post for #OTCG Sunday Scripture on Facebook by any chance? I wrote a poem about seeing ‘diamonds in the dust’ there a week or so ago. 🙂

  2. I love the poem. This time I read it only in English. It sound more beautiful beacause when I translated it in Dutch I am not feeling your feelings 🙂 Very nice Joy ( also the photos)

    • Hi Jedidja. Thanks for stopping by. When I write poetry the aim is for the reader to feel my feelings, so I am happy to have succeeded here! I’m glad you like the photos too; they inspired the poem and also remind me about enjoying autumnal beauty. Bless you. 🙂 x

  3. We have lots of squirrels in the woods behind our house. We’ve even had them come into the house after laying a trail of peanuts, and from then on tapping on the patio door to receive some more. We even gave them names as each was marked differently. I loved your poem about Autumn, in fact, I ‘ve loved all your poems I’ve so far read. I’ve promoted you at the bottom of my post ‘Lets Lirn Ingish, 4’ and in a couple of other posts. Perhaps you’d like to take a look?

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