Out of mist

december mist

Waking up to morning mist, I sense the otherworldliness of its obscurity.

Sight is dimmed. Senses dulled as dishwater.

Lost in fog. Muffled morphed outlines rising as shadows.

No compass points defining end from beginning.

December chill making body feel stilled as statue.

And here am I… frozen in poetic thought as the kettle boils hot…

As mist

Watching steam clouds billow reminds me
how our lives are but mist in lens of eternity
our deepest desires and dreams, hopes and schemes
in danger of being fizz, evanescence become
melting puddles of deliquescence
seeping into nothingness.

And all pleasures rise high as steam
then fall away as vapour dissipating
into darkness too dense for us to hold.
For all is fleeting, all is change, all is meeting place
where we surrender our goals and plans,
then taking up God’s gift of grace
we can sink restful, with trusting sigh,
leaving all to be rearranged by His loving hands.

He gathers every scattered act and thought
to make-over, remould good and true,
weaving them into a tapestry of His own design
where nought is wasted
only caught, drawn fine and new into
a lasting beauty to behold.

Misted wintry days remind me of how fleeting and changeable our dreams and schemes can be.

Though all desires surrendered to God become enlarged at His hands and so much more than we ever envisaged.

Happiness can vanish in an instant, ephemeral, lost in the ether.

Lasting, solid joy is found in relationship with God and following His ways for our lives.

He transforms everything by His grace. Makes us come alive on the inside.

Making beauty from brokenness, from the scattered ashes of our lives.

as mist poem pin image

4 thoughts on “Out of mist

  1. Thank you for reminding me of God’s weaving – “weaving them into a tapestry of His own design.” I love to think how the back of a weaving can be a mess of the tangled threads of our lives, but God designs a beautiful picture out of it all, and someday we will see the whole picture. 🙂 Hugs to you, my friend! Have a joy-filled Christmas!

    • What a day that will be, Trudy, when all the loose and tangled threads of our lives are made beautiful and all is revealed in glorious splendour! *Hugs* to you too, dear friend. May you find peace in His Presence and Joy in the celebrations this Christmas. xox 🙂

    • Dear Keren, your kind encouragement is “quite wonderful” to me Thank you so much for using some of your precious, limited energy to stop by here to read and leave a lovely comment behind. I really appreciate it and you too! 🙂 xx

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