No resting place

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‘No resting place’

This ugly-beautiful world

wanted no part

of the dawning wonder

for human hearts

Preferring to rage cold

against the Light

Preferring their own darkness

instead of sight

Hope of glory, Hope of grace

the angels sang

While freed from Mary’s womb Your

earthly life began

No glory crown, no resting place

or kingly bed

But cross and nails and pain

ran berry-red

Death and resurrection

to the skies

Comfort of Your Presence in

Holy Spirit sighs

How blind, how hateful, how cruel

mankind can be

While You offer Love, Joy, Peace

to set us free


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7 thoughts on “No resting place

  1. Hi Joy…..have been AWOL from your beautiful blog (an online break, aside from quickly checking in with comments on my blog, to enjoy my littles and have a much-needed rest). Am going to take a good big chunk of my tomorrow to enjoy all of your posts I’ve missed (yours is a blog I have to block out time for, as I enjoy your posts so much, and get so much from them). Hoping you’re OK, health-wise, that you had a lovely holiday period and Happy New Year! Helen

    • Hi Helen. Please don’t worry. Take all the time you need; I will always be here. You are never under any obligation to read or comment, although you’re always very welcome to do so! There is grace here. I understand how busy life can be, how tired we all can get, and how many demands there are on our time and attention. I hope you are blessed by stopping by whenever you are able to. Happy New Year to you and yours! 🙂 x

      • Joy: I know and thank you so much for your words. I’ve actually decided I’m going to print your posts out as they’re just too wonderful to skim read online and deserve proper ‘100% attention’ time when I’m relaxing before bed in the evening. I can pop them in my ‘every day journal’ as well, then…..thank you….Happy New Year back to you (think I’ve ‘said’ it before?! but you can never say it too many times, really!)

      • You’re welcome, Helen. I am deeply honoured and blessed by you gaining so much from the words God gives me to share. It is humbling and rather wonderful too being used in this way! May you find help and encouragement as you read them, dear friend. And do feel free to recommend or pass on to others if you feel they may benefit likewise. 🙂 x

  2. Hi Joy! What a lovely reflection on Christ’s birth and his life too. I really can be very blind and selfish. And that certainly is not what God is. He is light and peace and love. I hope to reflect that more in the coming year.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and wishing you a year of health and inspiration!

    • Hi Ceil! Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. I share your desire to be a deeper reflection of our Lord and His amazing grace and love. May His “light and peace and love” warm your life and heart in these cold months as we begin a new year. Here’s to better health, greater creativity and awesome inspiration as the Spirit gives us utterance in 2015! Blessings and love. 🙂 x

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