A many splendid thing

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‘Love is..’

A tearing apart of heart and soul

as two together make a whole.

Fire, fight, steam and bluster,

the tenderest words that we can muster

Raw, wounded vulnerability,

liberation and setting free

Becoming united for better or worse,

celebrating our beloved in verse

Forgiving, forgiving, and forgiving again

as hearts weigh heavy with sorrow and pain

Keeping one another in cosy company

for there’s no other place we’d rather be

Living, laughing and crying as one,

wonder and hope in a morning sun

A hand to hold on a chilly day,

soothing when things don’t go our way

Our companion throughout the night,

deep reassurance it will be all right

Growing, maturing, ageing together,

surviving all kinds of stormy weather

God’s best gift to fallen humanity,

our anchor, safe place we long to be

Smiles and cuddles, a warm embrace,

a thing of beauty ~ by God’s grace


“We love because he first loved us” ~ 1 John 4:19

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4 thoughts on “A many splendid thing

  1. Love. Such a blessing to be grateful for! I especially love the last part of the poem, also in the picture. 🙂 Gives me such a cosy feeling. Yes, love is certainly a safe place and “a thing of beauty by God’s grace!” Thank you, Joy. Hugs!

    • Indeed it is, Trudy! And we barely glimpse a fraction of what it means to love and be loved until we experience the complete, wonderful, liberating, unconditional love of God. May He wrap His arms around you and fill you with a deep abiding sense of His Presence and His great love for you. Blessings, my friend. 🙂 x

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