Leaning toward Lent

pancakes file image PJ


A toss and deft flick of the wrist

Catch in the pan if you can

Watch bubbles rise golden

A sight to whet the appetite

Edges crisped just so, no burning

Though we know the way dreams olden

can be flattened, battered down

Yet still we ponder ~ pancakes

steam-hissing, perfect brown,

capture our attention; we resist

a turn to ash, now relenting

Because hope belongs to man


This little poem is part of a selection I will be offering here on an ad-hoc basis during the season of Lent, during which I aim to see the sacred speaking into the secular.

Life often bends us sideways but we can always turn toward the Light of God’s presence, be held safe, begin again, allow hope to rise and dreams to be born anew as God directs us toward His best.

Leaning toward Lent PJ file image pin

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