Coming aside

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As Spring begins to segue into Summer I seem to still be rooted to wintry hibernation.

Huddled indoors most days. Too weary and depleted to do much at all.

This has been a long season of withdrawal from all unnecessary busyness, a stilling of the soul, making room for deeper rest.

And I thought I may have been coming out of my self and Spirit-imposed soul sanctuary cocoon by now.

Words are still flowing; I’m keeping communication lines open and staying available to those things which feed my soul.

Yet the vital sap and lasting spark of energy I so desperately long to receive is  missing. I wilt easily.

God is signalling that my highest priority remains to rest in Him, let my mind cease meandering, remember to recharge, pace and sleep.

Because we cannot be fully refuelled, refreshed and restored body and soul without connecting with Him and also disconnecting from those things which steal our soul’s peace.

It may look different for each one of us. Priorities are personal. Some soul-weights sit so heavy and only God can help shift them over time.

So I’m slowly learning to be OK with not being physically active, visible, or crazy-busy in my thoughts – that’s the hardest one to change!

Maybe we can all learn to lean harder on God and become less concerned about doing it all ourselves. It’s worth a try, yes?

I’m joining some soul sisters (and brothers?) over at Kate’s Motaung’s place by sharing a few #FiveMinuteFriday thoughts here today on the word: ‘Meet’. 

It’s a great community of writers who aim to let loose their without-worry words within 5 minutes flat and enjoy reading what arises in the process. You’re very welcome to join in.


‘Come aside’

Come aside, draw back,

pull away from the crowd

You won’t find Me

in busyness and loud

Surrender to silence

Sense My Presence within

Meet with Me in this moment

Let your day now begin

Rest your weary head

on My tender breast

before you fall apart

from sheer emptiness

Seek the soothing calm

of My Father-heart

Here I am present

Here I can be found

Here I meet with those

who are unafraid

to turn off the sounds

upon which their soul clings


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10 thoughts on “Coming aside

  1. Thanks for this, Joy. One of the few answers I have received from the Lord about my own imposed stillness is that I am “set aside” which is a hard one to accept, but this post resonates with that understanding.

    • Keren, I quite understand and sympathise with the challenge of those words. As believers in Christ we are all set apart for His purposes. But to be ‘set aside’ from things we may long to join in with is a challenging calling. Yet I can see fruit from your stillness, my friend. God is pouring insight and wisdom into you as you learn to listen attentively to Him. And that is a blessing for all who read your God-given words! Hang in there. 🙂 x

  2. Joy,
    Wonderfully true and I’m glad you’re listening to God and to your body…this struck me:

    who are unafraid

    to turn off the sounds

    upon which their soul clings

    It does take courage to be silent and listen to God and for God’s voice….

    • Hi Dolly. Yes, I agree with you. In the silence we meet with all that we are and all we need to deal with. But if we can sit with those dark thoughts, sift or release as God indicates and still seek after His heart, then we also discern riches in the secret place. Sound becomes a background that drowns out our soul’s inner yearnings. Being still and silent allows us to breathe freely, receive and find God all-sufficient for our every need. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your visit! Bless you. 🙂 x

  3. Beautiful, sweet friend. I love how He is calling you into a season of resting in Him. He is so very fond of you! So blessed to have met!
    Blessings and hugs,

    • Hello Kamea. What a lovely surprise to find you here! This season of resting in Him has been long and may take all year and beyond. But I am grateful for His grace in the quiet place. I’m so blessed by meeting you too, my friend! 🙂 x

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